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Apr 16, 2018
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Heloww everybody, here is my humble submission :3

1) Character name :

2) About your character :
Eva has the beauty of a doll and as such is admired by other girls, however, she is a domineering, arrogant, prideful, and malicious.
Her eyes have the power to seduce everyone, an ability she uses a lot to lure and capture other people to "have fun" with them.
Eva concept of "fun" is quite distorted though, it consist of torturing people and hearing them scream makes her excited.
Her main weapon is a whip but she is really good with summon magic and can summon weapons or slaves creatures at will.

3) Skills :
Bondage : Makes an enemy unable to move until attacked, the next attack the enemy will take will have double damage.
Slave collar : Select an ally to take damages instead of Eva, when the ally takes damages, Eva is healed.
Punishment : Inflicts a poison that drains 5% of the enemy life each time this enemy use an action.
Command : Charm one enemy and become an ally for 1 turn.

4) Credits for users to use your work: (e.g. [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD)
Thanks to Degica for the base generator
Thanks to @Schlangan for his extended Generator.
Thanks to R-F for his character parts :

5) Materials you used :
R-F character parts :

6) Tools you used :
@Schlangan extended Generator.

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use :
R-F conditions are clear, can be used, modified and so on.
(Condition 1: User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell)

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png
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Oct 13, 2017
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I'll take my "shot" at it, also don't ever let me read westerns again. It corrupts my writing! Finally, I'm not a skilled artist yet, so it's pretty much Generator created artwork. I do hope my writing isn't too corrupted by westerns!

1) Character Name: Van Keene

2) About your character:

In a world full of steam-powered magitech, there was only one way to solve big problems, being a fast draw. In his younger days, Van Keene was amongst the fastest. That’s what made him successful in his profession as a Solver. There were Solvers that were techs, mages, or even detectives, but only the gun-slingers could tackle and survive the tough jobs. Not that he didn’t get his fair share of injuries over the years; heck, urban legend has it that he married a nurse to save on hospital visits. Not quite over the hill, Van is trying to retire, but trouble is an old friend that loves to visit. Van Keene’s revolver, Priscilla the Persuader, is waiting.

If pressed, Candy, Van’s wife, would say he’s a professional block-head. However, Van is simply persistent. It has been rumored that he had followed a lead through the slum decks of Sea-scraper, the failed magi-tech tower that rises out of the water in the eastern sea. In Van’s case, persistence really means tunnel vision, but it has served him well over the years. Although singularly focused on the task at hand, he is a kind man who has taken on more than one problem without charge. That isn’t to say he’s cheap, because someone will always pay in the end.

Scan Enemy: Quickly able to determine an elemental weakness.
Quick Shot: Shoot first, shoot fast, shoot hard. Quick Shot will always activate first.
Dance!: Fires at an opponent’s feet, making them dance to avoid the shot. (stun)
Ricochet: Fast means fast, and Van Keene can block incoming fire with is own. (guard action).
Elemental Shot: Shoot an element based shot at an opponent (fire, thunder, dark, light, etc).

4) [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD] ( I don't really need any credit, but it would be nice to be credited as Failsauce or Mrs_Allykat.)

5) & 6) & 7) Materials: Standard Generator

Face-VanKeene.png VanKeene-battle.png VanKeene-walk.png Damaged-VanKeene.png
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Mar 21, 2018
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Sword version :

Cloak of Justice :

Name :
Last name : JHOU

Background :

The capital of the Empire "Buluth", the captain of the Guards,
The creed is "Instant Justice",
The motto “When justice cannot be done immediately, it is no different from sinful people”,
Because his ideas and behaviors have offended many people, despite having a lot of merit, ability and qualifications are enough to promote, but still can only stay in the position of the captain of the guard, its strong strength and ghostly figure was Call it "Ghost of Righteousness".
As long as any person who dares to commit crimes is in his territory, no matter how far away from him, they will be arrested by him.
When it comes to difficult-to-resolve incidents, he will also use some shameful means.

Characteristic / Personality :
The standard is thin, muscular, Strong explosive power,
has a scar on his face, fallen hairstyle, cold and sharp eyes.
Serious and decisive, most of the time do not love to speak, because what he said is usually sounding very harsh,
So when he talked most often, was giving instructions and teaching his disciples to exercise.
With good thinking ability, he can find out the perpetrators from scarce clues and arrest people quickly.
Interest is [Instant Justice].

3) Skills :
Perceived sin: Can directly judge whether a person is wicked.
Kill evil: Against special attacks on evil attributes, There is a strong attack damage to the existence of sin.
Thousands of miles of death: long-range attacks,
Even if sinners flee the crime scene,
As long as CONG-MIN perceives the sin in him, CONG-MIN will be able to lock his position and launch sniper attacks against sinful people.

4)[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD. yoshiyuki
6) n/a
7) User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell
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The Endless
Nov 12, 2016
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Here it is, my character!
Character Name: Ryuuta Sato
Background Lore (WARNING: It's REALLY long)
Ryuuta was born in the isolationist Kingdom of Nogarde, a country consisting mainly of dragons but has recently (past 500 years) been inhabited by magic wielding humans who are escaping from the Ferngulf Republic, who shuns magic wielders since they believe that magic is evil and drains the life energy of their god, the embodiment of nature simplify titled The Endless. For a while the humans got along with the dragons, pledging to stay stay away from the conflict between the nature worshiping Ferngulf and the technologically driven Empire of Morda Vael, who use a form of artificial magic called "The Art." Everything went fine until a mad scientist named Xenoki was able to fuse a part of her sinful soul with The Endless, allowing her to become a sort of time parasite, feeding off the negitive energy of lifeforms across time and space to eventually become powerful enough to overcome Endless and become God. Xenoki is also able to possess people who have submitted to hatred and bend their wills, making them a vessel for Xenoki. Xenoki saw the threat the dragons were to it's plans, since they were the only race in the multiverse to be able to make Gates: portals between different times, places, timelines, and even planes of existence. So Xenoki corrupted the innermost soul of dragon kind, activating an accursed gene hidden in their DNA that caused them to become ten times more powerful, but also caused them to go completely insane. The first mad dragons attacks caused minor damage, but it caused enough to be recorded in the history books. This "virus" was called the "Dracorage" and caused many a village to be destroyed. No dragon-caused disaster however came even close to the Fall of Gerol. Thousands were killed in the onslaught of dragon attacks, and there was only one survivor, a peasant boy named Devon Stone. He only survived because the Pope of Eternia, Astos Fortuna, was there to give his blessing but instead of doing his holy duties he committed a duty of bloodshed. He even killed a fire dragon woman, who was in labor when she got the dracorage from the huge pain she felt. Her son was born early, and was heavily weak and sickly. Astos went to the temple of Nagi, the dragon goddess to pray for forgiveness and brought the baby with him. When he arrived at the temple, Nagi heard his prayers and came down. She told Astos the only way to atone for his sins was to make a sanctuary for everyone, both dragons and humans. She also healed the infant and gave him the Brand: a mark that grants great power and foretells either long-lasting peace or great destruction. Astos went to the western desert of Nabes and founded Old Arcadia and gave orphans a place to call home. Since Astos was assumed K.I.A. in the Gerol attacks, his cousin Saint Eline Fortuna became the new Pope. Only Devon knew that Astos was still alive, and seeked vengeance on all of dragon kind. Now, 18 years later Ryuuta lives in peace in Arcadia, completely unaware of the war going on outside the Nabes Mountans and the sandstorm barrier blocking Arcadia from invaders. Now, on his 19th birthday, Ryuuta heads out to complete his rite of passage to become a true adult in his clan, but no one could see the terrible events that were to come, that were to ether doom the dragon race to oblivion or to betray the very friends Ryuuta loved.

Skills: Ryuuta would rely on a wide range of attacks mainly consisting of elemental attacks. Here are his moves. (Note: My game uses an ATB system just to let you know. )

Skill Types
  • Attack: a skill that does damage
  • Healing: Heals HP or AP (a fusion of MP and TP)
  • Support: Everything else
  • Fire: All attacks that involve heat (I.E. Fireball, Magma, Volcano)
  • Earth: All attacks that effect rocks or the ground (I.E. Meteor, Earthquake, Mudslide)
  • Metal: All attacks involving weapons/technology (I.E. Sword Bash, Bullet Barrage, Arrow Volley)
  • Water: All attacks that involve manipulation of water particles (I.E. Blizzard, Tidal Wave, Steam Bomb)
  • Wood: All attacks that involve forces of nature. (not fire earth or water) (I.E. Tornado, Bio, Gravity)
  • Ether: All dark/light attacks and everything that doesn't fall into the other elements. (Judgement, Back Hole, Ultima)
Fire Beats Metal
Metal Beats Wood
Wood Beats Earth
Earth Beats Water
Water Beats Fire
Ether is Neutral

POW= approximation of the skill's power level. Max is 400, lowest is 5. Can only go into multiples of 5.

Attack Types

Type: Hit
Hit a foe in front of the actor.

Type: Shot
Shoot a projectile

Type: Shot Explosion
Shoot a projectile that explodes on impact

Type: Shot Cone
Shoot a beam in a cone shape.

Type: Shoot Homing
Shoot one or more projectiles that home in on foes.

Type: Shoot Multi
Shoot 4, 8, or 12 shots.

Type: Hook A
Shoot a hook to grab items and foes.

Type: Hook B
Shoot a hook to move towards an object or foe

Type: Bomb
Put a projectile on the ground that will explode in a few seconds.

Type: Blast
Hit all foes.

Type: Range
Hit everyone in a range

Type: Ground
Cause tiles to deal damage in a range.
-Pulse Dash: Attack/50 POW/Ether Element/Dash Type/Range: 5h
-Wind Blade: Attack/90 POW/Wood Element/Hybrid: Explosion Type/Range 8h
-Spirit Sword: Support/Effect: Give ether Fire Force, Water Force, Wood Force or Earth Force.
-Dragon Skin: Healing/Effect: Heal HP based off STR
-Dragon Morph: Transform/Effect: Transform into a dragon, gaining new attacks and raising stats.
-Strike Raid: Attack/130 POW/Metal Element/Homing Type/Attack Times: 5/Range: 9
-Ars Arcanium: Attack/180 POW/Ether Element/Hit Type/Attack Times: 7/range: 1
-Twin Solarus: Attack/300 POW/Fire Element/Blast Type/Range: All Foes

He can also use Lv.1 - 5 Black Magicks. (there are 8 levels)

Anyone can use my character for free or commercial games. I really don't give a crap.


Aug 3, 2012
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@yoshiyuki Submissions are not made in the thread announcing the event, but in the thread for the engine you have made it for. I am, therefore, moving your post to MV Entries.


Dec 30, 2017
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Andrea Allenbach the character's faces

School mode


War mode


Andrea Allenbach's walking character sprite

School mode


War mode


Andrea Allenbach's damaged character sprite

School mode


War mode


Andrea Allenbach's side-view battler

School mode


War mode


1) Character name: Andrea Allenbach

2) About the Character:


Andrea Allenbach was the daughter of a very powerful, influential, and intelligent person. He is the boss of the NeoAlphaInfinity, which is the most powerful corporation in the planet of Telikosmos. The NeoAlphaInfinity is a corporation specializing in technological and scientific research, education, magic, and military innovation. Specializing in military innovation, the corporation has its own private military that is in charge of defending itself from its enemies. The corporation is very cruel to its enemies. At the age of 18, Andrea took complete control of the NeoAlphaInfinity. During her reign in the year 6006, the corporation has participated in one of the world’s most destructive global wars, and has produced many of the world’s most ruthless, brutal, and deadly special forces with a dreadful reputation. It has also produced many of the world’s most powerful weapons. This is all because of Andrea Allenbach. She was just 18 years old the time she made the corporation so powerful and terrifying. The corporation has been suspected of committing many of the world’s most cruel atrocities against the innocent, though this has not been proven. In the year 6007, Andrea waged a brutal war against the entire world where she has won and conquered the whole world, although still facing opposition from rebel groups and a mysterious warrior cult that seems to have connections with powerful dark entities from another world. Surprising for a 18 year old girl, but she is not that normal or maybe…

she is not even that innocent of a girl.

Being the daughter of the boss of NeoAlphaInfinity, Andrea was able to access the most advanced education in the whole world. The NeoAlphaInfinity before Andrea’s rise to power was the most innovative when it comes to education, technology, magic, and science. Andrea’s father gave Andrea a very special education and training designed only for herself. The education ranges from mathematics, business, military, magic, science, etc, and she excelled in all of these. She was educated from a very young age. It was no doubt the most advanced and hard education in the whole world ever made by his father that it made her into a person with a mind of a goddess and a monster at the same time. She was mostly raised by her father, and he raised her to be a very proud and strong young woman. Andrea’s father thought that this is what Andrea was born for. Andrea’s father was not just a very intelligent businessman, but is also a world known legendary military commander and warrior who is fearless, intelligent, skilled, but at the same time cruel. Andrea has always looked up to her father, and wanted to be liked him, and so she did. She often personally witnessed her father performing cruel acts against his enemies where he has encouraged her to participate in, and she did. She was fearless, strong, manipulative, intelligent, sadistic, proud, and mostly cruel when she was a young girl. She was very athletic and her father raised her to be a very strong warrior girl skilled in various ways of combat. She often ferociously and cruelly fights people who messes with her. After her own education at the age of 16, her father sent her to the most prestigious and advanced school in the whole world. She loved to fight at her teenage years that she has often participated in battles against one of the most dangerous esper terrorists in the world where she often performed cruel acts against them. She also has her own team that she commands. Even though she was only 17 years old, she and her team was able to brutally won battles against entire armies despite being extremely outnumbered and having inferior weapons. She has killed several different legendary vampires that tried to kill her. She has also killed a very powerful and vicious dark wizard all alone. She at one time killed 3 muscular and skilled martial arts students with her bare hands in a fight due to only wanting to fight them. She has also tortured students who dared mess with her. Another incident is where she decapitated an innocent female student mage named Marie Adami for no reason at all. Andrea has also manipulated high ranking figures in the corporation into abducting dangerous and powerful warriors even if they are innocent for her to fight, but she often keeps this as a secret from her family members and relatives due to them not wanting her getting harmed by such act. Due to her being manipulative and extremely intelligent, she was able to cover up these crimes from everybody. She has also manipulated high ranking figures into abducting many world known deadliest monsters for her to fight. Being charismatic and strong, a lot of people love Andrea. She has many friends and has the highest student position in the school.

One night she woke up and went outside the bedroom corridors. She saw 6 shadows from afar. The shadows were running very fast towards an unknown direction. She followed them, but they were all gone after a long chase. After this, she went inside her father’s room, but her father was not in his bed. As she opened the closet, her father’s body fell into her. He was dead and Andrea was all covered by the blood of his father. At the same time she opened the closet, there was an anti-NeoAlphaInfinity rebel there hiding in fear of her. This anti-NeoAlphaInfinity rebel is from a rebel group that is formed due to the NeoAlphaInfinity corporation’s oppression of a country. The NeoAlphaInfinity corporation has long been waging a brutal war against these rebels, and Andrea Allenbach hates them very much. It seems like the rebel was so injured during him and his fellow members fight against Andrea’s father. The rebel was too weak to fight Andrea or even run away from her. Enraged for the death of her father, Andrea later decides to torture him in the most brutal ways for information about who killed her father. She got an information, and it was the identities of the rebels who killed her father. She later decides to kill him in the most brutal way ever. At that night, Andrea’s hatred of the rebels that killed her father grew immensely. She vowed that she would brutalized the rebels and their friends in the most brutal way ever. She has also vowed to brutalized their families for all generations. She has wished that if she could make them all suffer in the most brutal way for all of eternity like a goddess, she would with happiness and pleasure. She wanted to humiliate them, ridicule them, make them suffer, give them hell.

After the death of her father, Andrea took the power due to her being more intelligent and stronger than her mother. During her reign, she waged war against the whole world to conquer it. She was very brutal towards her enemies especially towards the rebels that killed her father. She had many of these rebels and their allies brutally and publicly executed by using a machine that slowly crushes them. The whole world witnessed the whole sight and they were all horrified. She also did these to their families secretly where only the rebels and their friends witnessed the horror. As she hears their agony and screams of pain, she laughs like a mad demon. There was also one time where she commited demonic brutality against innocent civilians from an ethnic warlike tribe who sided with the rebels that killed her father. No one was safe. Not women, children, or even newborns. She had many of them skinned alive, raped, slowly cooked alive, and other such brutality. She basically made the entire tribe extinct.

After conquering the entire world of Telikosmos, Andrea was not satisfied. Instead she decided to brutally bring the planet of Cunda un Zanra to its knees. Cunda un Zanra's people were basically humans although originating from another planet. They are humans, but not Telikosmosians in a sense. It is still unknown if a god or goddess made the two human races separately for both planets. Just like Telikosmosians, they are very divided and had a history just as dark as that of Telikosmosians. Unlike Telikosmosians, the people of Cunda un Zanra were very advanced when it comes to alchemy. They are extremely skilled when applying this to war. They also have an intergalactic alliance with the Ceunrozzus, a race of nonhuman beings originating from the planet of Ceunrozz in the galaxy of Blood Eye. They also have a history just as dark as that of Telikosmosians and the people of Cunda un Zanra. When it comes to war, these people excel in manipulating deadly supernatural energies from an unknown world and are also masters when it comes to tactics and strategies. Andrea being the strong woman she is never got scared of these, and instead immediately waged war on them. The war was very brutal. In this war, she met a guy the same age as her. He was ruthless, brutal, strong, and warlike just like her. He was on the other side as he was from Cunda un Zanra. Their war was one of the most epic and terrifying in the whole history of Cunda un Zanra, Telikosmos, and Ceunrozz, and Andrea came out on top in the end. She then took his combat knife and head as a prize after killing him. Andrea committed mass atrocities against the civilians of Cunda un Zanra, and Ceunrozz. Her rival did the same on the civilians from her country. Despite Andrea's love for fighting, ruthlessness, and brutality, she was eventually defeated due to Cunda un Zanra's alchemical innovations and Ceurozz's strategies and tactics. After her defeat, she was nowhere to be seen as she was on the run from the authorities of Telikosmos, Ceunrozz, and Cunda un Zanra. Though defeated, Andrea vowed that she would have her revenge and she would make them all pay brutally. Her story is not over and the NeoAlphaInfinity corporation is fighting from the shadows.

This is Andrea Allenbach. She was a monster, and one should never joke around her.

A quote from Andrea Allenbach:

The world is not decided by morality, but by power and fearlessness.


Andrea most oftenly wears her standard uniform from the most prestigious and advanced school she goes to. Most students in her country do this. Her uniform consists of a black jacket, a medium length black skirt, a pair of black socks that extends to her knees, a blue green necktie, and a black t shirt inside the jacket. This is basically what she is wearing in the pictures I provided. Her hair is grey, long, and in ponytail style. She has two long bangs with the other one almost covering the whole left side of her face. She has a mark near one of her eye that she got from a powerful military adult enemy she killed when she was 17. She has red eyes that makes her even more terrifying.


Andrea is a strong, serious, sadistic, proud, fearless, intelligent, manipulative, and cruel young woman. Most people such as her fellow students never look her straight into her eyes, although she is not that quick to take offense. But she is known to be very aggressive when people insult her. Nevertheless, Andrea is in full control of herself and only does this because she believes that she should do it if there is no chance for her to suffer the consequence. She does this not because of her emotion, but because she believes people who insult her deserves to be brutalized. She also loves to fight as stated when she joined battles when she was very young. She was often fearless when she was young. She is very intelligent due to her being innovational when it comes to business, mathematics, magic, science, military, and technology. She is also very charismatic and having strong people skills due to her having a lot of friends and always being the center of attention.

3) Skills:

Being the daughter of one of the world’s most strongest and powerful commander and warrior, Andrea was trained in one of the most advanced and harsh martial training in the whole world. She was a legendary queen when it comes to close combat, stealth, marksmanship, survival, sense, and other things combat and survival related. She is also extremely skilled in weapons and magic. She is one of the best innovational champions when it comes to tactics and strategies in the whole world. This is stated where she and her team annihilated entire armies even though they were extremely outnumbered and only having inferior weapons, and that was only when she was 17. Andrea uses a secret and mysterious war art that has been taught to her by her father.

4) Credits for users to use my work: [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD

But the background, personality, characteric, name, and skill of the character is from me.

5) Materials I used: Standard RTP

6) Tools I used: Standard RTP

There is no original content for the character so feel free to use it with the proper credits I gave above.
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Jul 11, 2016
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12 Frame Walking
3 Frame Damaged
54 Frame Side Battler
Facial Expressions
●Entry Template●

1) Character name: Lavrin Paronis (Lah-Vrin Pah-row-nis)

2) About your character:
Lavrin Paronis – Scholar of Poetic Ambiance
Lavrin, when he was a young boy, decided that he wanted to become a farmer, like his father and grandfather. The farm was all young Lavrin knew, he could reap and sow an entire harvest on his own and could be back in the house by lunch time. One day, as Lavrin was tending to the fields, a group of men approached him asking, “Where is your father?” Immediately, Lavrin answered that his father was away on business and that he would be gone for at least three more days; he then asked if he could take a message for his father and the men looked at one another and simply smiled. Coyly they replied to his request to take a message by saying that slaves had no right to ask questions of superiors. Lavrin started to back away from the group of men only to backpedal directly into a solid object. He spun around as fast as lightning and saw that he had run directly into a large man standing two heads higher than him. In the man’s right hand was a sack-cloth bag, and in his left hand he held a coil of tweed rope. Without a word or expression, the man grabbed Lavrin, bound his hands and feet to one another, and then put a bag over his head. Lavrin has no concept of time within the bag, and can only guess that they have been travelling for the past week through blistering sun and freezing nights only to hear in the distance the bustling of what sounded like a city. The pungent aroma of fresh baked goods wafted through the cloth around his head and he was roughly grabbed and carried a number of feet until he felt his body as a feather which then turned into a stone that slammed onto a cobblestone floor. He fought the darkness back until he was trembling, then he finally was forced by his body to succumb to the veil that shrouded him. When he awoke, his arms and legs were no longer bound, and the covering on his head had disappeared, and his first experience was a foul odor that lingered around him. As he scanned the area, he saw iron bars and stone floors, walls, and ceiling, as well as rats, insects, and a slightly used waste-pail in the corner. He recognized his surroundings as a cell of sorts.

Days passed and Lavrin was starting to feel queasy from the lack of nutrition and hydration, and finally, when he thought that he might have to make peace with his dank grave and had started wondering which rats would attend his death ceremony, a large man stomped up to the door, unlocked it, and grabbed Lavrin by his hair and dragged him out of the cell, all the way up three flights of stone stairs, down long hallways, and eventually to a room that seemed to be made of bamboo. Many women and men entered the room, stripped him, and then took his raggedy clothes away just to return with buckets full of water that may as well have been glacial, and then proceeded to pour the buckets all over him. The men and women stopped pouring once their buckets were empty, and began drying him and then finished their task by applying a skimpy loincloth to his hips. Lavrin was then led out to the city square where his hands were bound, his feet were chained to an iron ball, and a sign hung from his neck. Crowds gathered and the shouting ensued, some people threw money at the auctioneers while others threw clods of dirt and other unmentionable things until the crowd started to quiet, and then split like the Red Sea as the emperor sauntered between the wall of bodies. The Emperor was just as terrifying to Lavrin now as he was in the stories that his father had told him. Lavrin began to silently weep at the memory of his old life, the farm that he would never see again, the mother who would never cook another meal for him, his brother who would be left forever wondering where Lavrin disappeared to, and a father, who would have to live with the fact that he was not able to protect his eldest son from the gluttonous empire of slavery. As tears blotted out his vision, he had not seen that the Emperor stopped in front of him and was watching each tear drip from his eyes. Suddenly, Lavrin heard a booming voice call out, “This one!” and he was led away, tears still soaking his cheeks.

Lavrin was led to a large, dark colored blur in his vision where he was escorted inside. The blur began to move forward and Lavrin began to panic. In his panic, he saw the veil beginning to close in around him, and once again, succumbed to the darkness. When he awoke this time, he kept his eyes closed and felt that his body was covered in a cool and smooth cloth that smelled of cinnamon and smoke from a campfire. Eventually, Lavrin gained the courage to open his eyes and was greeted by the Emperor who smiled at him and said, “Welcome home, son. You are no longer who you were, you are now royalty.” Devastated at this statement, Lavrin stared dumbstruck at the Emperor, and using all the strength that he had left replied, “Thank you, your majesty.”

3) Skills (if any): With the literacy that was indoctrinated into Lavrin after his succession from slavery, he now has every poetic work memorized to call upon and use against his enemies in any way he sees fit.

4) Credits for users to use your work: (C) DraigonKatarnas (tm) 2018

5) I used only the generator.

6) If Microsoft Word counts, I used that to write up Lavrin's backstory.

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: Condition 1: User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell


Oct 15, 2012
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You guys do such fun events! Here's my entry:


: Arwel

Long ago before the dragons went extinct there arose two who were greater than all the others. One full of darkness and malice; the other full of light and love. After years of conflict the dark one managed to deal a fatal blow to the light dragon. With her dying breath, the light one sealed her remaining life force within a golden crown.

Binding herself to the enchanted crown, the elf princess, Arwel, confronted the dark dragon and destroyed him once and for all. Now she travels to distant realms providing strength and hope to those within the dark grasp of evil.

Skills/Abilities: The ability to temporarily transform into the light dragon. (Ex: Once per battle she can become the dragon for # of turns; or on the map she can become the dragon for # of seconds in order to reach certain areas.)

Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa, hiddenone, whtdragon, eslabon

Materials used: Standard RTP, hiddenone generator parts for the hair, whtdragon's wyvern recolored.

Tools used: Standard RTP, GIMP for recoloring the wyvern and creating a transformation between Arwel and the dragon.

Free to use however you'd like!



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Mar 30, 2012
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Character Name: Monoko Yoshitawa

Age: 17
Bloodtype: B
Biological Family: Mother and Grandmother
School: Yamito Highschool
Currently a Virgin.




Character Sprites:





Skills: Demon Hunter

Transformation, Sword of Souls,

Storyline: Monoko had a dream that she was whisked away by Hideki Koshikawa, her dreams of romance blossoming as she moved in for the kiss. Then he was whisked away, suddenly being replaced by constricting tentacles. As they squeezed the life out of him, she suddenly woke up to find herself being attacked by her crazy grandmother. Such was the life of Monoko Yoshitawa.

Monoko was an average high school girl. She lived with her two parents, the aforementioned crazy grandmother - who always insisted that she train in the family dojo- and her, for lack of a better term, slut of a mother. She also had her two friends, Chiako and Asamo. The only real problem was her quest to lose her virginity.

That all changed one night when Monoko's Grandmother decided it was time to share a family secret: She was, in fact, one of the only few people left with the power of a Demon Hunter. As far as Uzumaki was concerned, it was time for Monoko to shed away common high school life and join in the ranks.

It took some convincing, but Monoko is now a full-fledged Demon Hunter, protecting those from the evils that plague the city. Now, if she could only find a boyfriend.

[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD)

Standard RTP

Condition 1: User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell


Mapper, pixel artist
Jul 27, 2013
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1) Character name: Fayette

2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:
Fayette is a young fairy. One day she wake up from her sleep and found out that her village has been destroyed. Now she needs to find the remaining fairy that survive through the disaster in order to find out what happened on that night and also rebuild her village.

3) Skills (if any):
Negotiate - talk your way out of trouble.
Hide - hide if negotiation fail.
Fly away - Run if hiding is useless

4) Credits for users to use your work: Lady Leknaat

5) Materials you used: None

6) Tools you used: None

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use:
Condition 2: User-created / Your original resources, but not allowed to either use/modify/release alone/sell




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Jul 2, 2017
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1. Character Name: Sarina
note: left young Sarina, right her old appearance

At one time in the Kingdom of Soukrucx led by a despotic king. People who suffered for 20 years due to poor leadership began to move to reform.
In the beginning there were small rebellions, until finally enlarged to the peak when some landlords who support it mysteriously died. Allegedly killed by a hitman hired by opposition groups.
The only supporters of the king who and who could protect him were only the head of the royal soldier, Harnia. A woman who is dashing and tough keep the king in the front row.
But before that the Kingdom of Sourkrux was an ordinary kingdom, the king did his job well. Everyone respected him as a good king, so did Harnia. The relationship between Harnia and the king is getting closer and finally Harnia has a child from the king.
To protect the existence of Harnia and the child she conceived she was put into the deepest prison with the policy of the king.
6 years passed exiled to the kingdom, now his daughter Sarina is 5 years old and it's time she knew her father. But when Harnia and Sarina reappear the king has really changed.
When they both appear the kingdom is in a bad state. Harnia was forced to return to serve as head of the soldiers to protect the king.
The 12-year-old Sarina is left alone in a village. As a parting gift, Sarina gets a black hair band from her mother.
In the village she meets Wildar, a 30-year-old man who always helps her life.
Wildar is an adventurer who often rests in the village. Sarina who has no parents is always insulted and made difficult to get food in her village. Wildar who felt sorry to invite him to help his job as an adventurer.
Sarina was deceived by Wildar. In the dungeon Sarina was arrested and made as a sex slave by wildar and his group.
After catching Sarina, Wildar came to the king for the last time. He gives hypnosis to the king to make him a bad king.
When the Wildar group has made the king a victim and weaken the Harnia, they just need to wait for the people who drop the kingdom.
Several years Sarina was made hostage to weaken Harnia. When the Kingdom has reached their end, an alchemist who happened to pass by then helped her. Sarina tried to help her mother but it was too late.
Harnia died in the king's place to dampen the anger of the people. Harnia acts as head of the royal warrior who incites the King. Sarina was shocked by it. The Alchemist offers an exchange, by taking one eyeball he will give an artifact of 'insanity dagger' that turns all the pain into force. Since then Sarina has worked to replace her mother as head of the soldiers at the palace.

Sarina who has been left alone since childhood can do many things. She's a hard worker even though he does not know how to do it. But since she lives alone, Sarina is very innocent and easily deceived.
Since the death of her mother Sarina tried to be like it.
Sarina was not so talented as a soldier but with a dagger she got, she could easily become a soldier.
But due to the trauma of his past she always kept his mentality by assuming a lot of bad things as something exciting.
After becoming a soldier he is very maniac in battle.

Skills (if any):
- Pain-pain go away: Receive any damage and turn into power.
- Starving pain: Delay any damage and negative effect received for later but lower her mental.
- Revenge: After received fatal damage can use same skill with double damage. Her mental also damaged.
- Reflect: Sarina original skill with her speed to reflect attack.
- Berserker: Sarina combine her skill and turn into berserk for limited time.
- Insanity: Sarina passive skill that keep her from the worst mental.

Credits for users to use your work:

Materials you used:

(if you used something other than the standard RTP) RTP

Tools you used:
(if you used something other than the standard RTP)RTP

If original content is used, please add conditions of use:
(Please indicate permission for condition 1 or for condition 2)RTP Standards
Sarah1.png Sarah walk.png Sarah damage.png Sarah Battler.png
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Sep 6, 2012
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1) Character name:
Lilany (shortened to Lila for her friends)

2) About your character:
Lilany is a witch who loves to experiment with new spells and potions. Unfortunately for her, she is genuinely horrible at it. Her green skin and pink hair are byproducts of some of these failed experiments.
Like the rest of her witching family she attended the country's most prestigious Witching Academy. However, she was expelled after one of her failed experiments blew up her dorm room.
She’s now attending the Moon Academy of Magic abroad, still accidentally blowing or slimefying stuff up with her experiments. This new school seems to tolerate her antics so far.

Personality traits: curious, optimistic, stubborn, helpful, chaotic, careless

3) Skills (if any): After many years of training she has become "decent" at basic elemental spells. She is however quite adept at breaking curses/hexes as she often has to do this after her experiments. Her self-developed potions and spells often have a negative effect on her opponents, though it's never quite the effect she intended.

4) Credits for users to use your work: Lilany (c) slimmmeiske2

5) Materials you used: Edits of the default generator parts

6) Tools you used: MV Generator + GIMP

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use:
Condition 1: User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell
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Jan 18, 2014
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1) Character name:

2) About your character:
Bugstick is a little bug in a software land. He seems like a TV but he wanted to be a computer before. Anyway, it's just a little amount of pixel in a virtual world, and like Jon Snow, he knows nothing.

Personality : Dumb ; Sad ; Messy

3) Skills : He can totally destroy a computer if he is lucky. Sometimes it just happen, and sometimes he just disappear because of an update.

4) Credits for users to use your work: Zabu

5) Materials you used: Nothing

6) Tools you used:

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: Condition 1: User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell


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Jan 8, 2018
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1) Character name: Hopeanne

2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:
Hopeanne is an 8-year old girl who wants to change the world. She had a very difficult childhood, because
she was grown in a very sexist country, where women were seen as inferior and submissive to men. In the
country's rules, every girl should always be wearing dresses since as a baby, because that was considered
beautiful and necessary to please their future husbands. Oh, and as a rule every woman should be married up
before she reaches age 18.
But Hopeanne didn't agree. She hates dresses, doesn't want to marry up with a man, and wanted a hope for
the future. So, she decided to plan a revenge for the things she suffered. In order to do so, she used a mask
and glasses in order to keep her identity anonymous and don't be chased. She started a revolution. She started
using a scarf, a cap, and a bikini when not revealing her identity to show that woman should be able to express
theirselves in any desired way. But nobody wanted to join her. Even the other girls found it way too dangerous.
But Hopeanne didn't give up. Instead, she started studying magic. She discovered some very powerful spells,
and most of them were very interesting. She startd studying hard, in order to become a professional magician.
She decided to face off sexist people by physically battling using her magic. And she was strong. Strong but
alone. And as she was alone, she noticed that it would be impossible to try fixing thingsjust by using violence.
Then she decided to follow another plan. She decided to try convincing people of women's rights.
She discovered a different magic. The magic that could change anyone's physical gender into female. By
using it, she was able to show to the world how women badly suffered from the repression of the society. She
started by transforming the royal's soldiers, the representants of the country's sexist king. The soldiers then
began to suffer prejudice in the same way she did. After noticing what happened, the soldiers apologized and
asked for her to transform them back. She refused to do it, after all, she needed to recruit people to battle
with her. As she saw what happened, she noticed that revenge isn't always good and that everyone needs to be
respected. She then convinced the soldiers to join the battle for a fair world. She decided to attack the king.
The soldiers, now female, started by blocking the castle. Hopeanne started by invading it with her magic
book. As legally women couldn't be queens in the country, the king, who knew he was going to be transformed and
had no chance to escape, had to quickly announce the change in law that announced the gender equality. In order
to prevent him from going back from his decision, Hopeanne used the gender change magic on the king.
Now free, Hopeanne finally revealed her identity for everyone and was then glorified for her courage and
persistence in the battle. Now she can finally follow on her journey to exterminate prejudice and make the world
a better place to live. For her and for the others.

3) Skills: Gender change magic (male to female)

4) Credits for users to use your work: [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD, Character designed by "MparaGames"

5) Materials you used: RPG Maker MV character generator [Copyright] (C) 2015 Kadokawa Corporation / Yoji Ojima

6) Tools you used: RPG Maker MV character generator [Copyright] (C) 2015 Kadokawa Corporation / Yoji Ojima; Aseprite [Copyright] 2001-2018 David Capello.

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: Condition2


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Nov 23, 2012
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1) Character name: Lyria

2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:
  • Seems like a typical J-RPG healer
  • Feels worthless
  • Loves when people get hurt because she can finally be "useful" and heal them
  • Ashamed of the scar on her face - which was caused by a monster attack when she was young
  • Tries to act optimistic, but has ends up being sarcastic and snarky during dark moments
3) Skills (if any):
  • Healing
  • Basic talent with small blades (like daggers)
4) Credits for users to use your work: StrawberryCreations

5) Materials you used:
  • Body: Com_Sho
  • Rear Hair & Eyes: Hiddenone
  • Eyebrows & Facial Mark (blush): Monorus
  • Nose: ArctheMonkey
  • Facial Mark (scar): Bokou
  • Clothing: Yunary
  • Accessory B: Avery
  • Front Hair: Derex
6) Tools you used: Extended Generator

Lyria (Battler).png

Lyria (Sprite).png


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Dec 21, 2012
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I almost didn't use this character and made another one for the contest o 3 o; but I'll go ahead and do this one:

1) Name: Torek

2) Coming from a region high up on the tallest peaks of a difficult and large mountain range, Torek leaves his hometown for the castle, the one place that'd see the most interaction from the outside world and joins the royal guards. Unsatisfied with his patrols and stationary job, expecting more interesting sights, he quits against his family's wishes and becomes a bodyguard and mercenary which leaves him traveling the world to satisfy his wanderlust. He sends at least half of his earnings and items back home and writes frequently as he prefers to travel light and finds more value in the journey rather then the destination, loving each adventure he comes across.

3) Skills (if any): Tracking, scouting and basic survival skills. Lances and bows are his main weapons. Most of his skills are ranged based.

4) Credits: whtdragon

7) Condition 1: User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell

Torek faceset.png Torek SV.png Torek TV TVD.png


Feb 27, 2018
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Character Name: Kana
Kana Face.png Kana Battler.png Kana Dmg.png Kana Walk.png

Race: Demon Fox

Age: 777


In the past, Kana's mother broke her promise to Inari, the fox god. To undo her mother's crime, Kana must faithfully and obediantly serve the hero's family until his/her bloodline ends. She will appear before the hero when he/she becomes of age or begins his/her journey.

*Needs improvements on:
Stage related tasks such as Acting and Singing


Submissive, Obedient, and Childish
Kana will obey her master even if it places her in an uncomfortable situation. She is ready to serve her master in most situations. A demon fox her age is still considered as "in-training."

Occupancy: Familiar

Strengths and Weakness:

High in Critical Chance and Magic Power
Low in HP


Defend: Kana will defend the hero if his/her HP is low. Kana's HP must not be low and will be 1 if the damage exceeds her HP. Kana will ignore this passive if the hero absorbs incoming damage.

-Inari Art-

*Elemental Skills
Inari Flame: Fire damage to all enemies with a chance to inflict Burning
Inari Frost: Ice damage to all enemies with a chance to inflict Freeze
Inari Flash: Thunder damage to all enemies with a chance to inflict Paralyze
*Support Skills
Inari Blessing: Gives 2 random buffs to all party members
Inari Greater Agility: Greatly increases the party's Speed
Sakura Blade Dance: Deals True Damage to all enemies
Prayer to Inari: Revives and Heals all Party members while giving a random debuff to all enemies.
*Secret Skill
Kitsune Generation: If the party is defeated while Kana is in the party, there is a 25% Chance she will tap into her true form. Steals HP from all enemies while reviving and healing all party members by the stolen amount.

[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
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Mar 28, 2017
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***So, I won't have time to finish my custom image for my character, but here goes. (I'll submit my WIP )***

This is Felisha, she's a mid 30's single gamer girl. She works as a kindergarten teacher by day, but looks forward to coming home to work on the RPG game she's been developing for the last three years. (ever since RPG Maker MV was released) She's shy and unassuming leading a calm, private life. She's also kind, gentle and imaginative (and her students absolutely adore her).

She lives with her cat Winket, whom she rescued from the back alley behind her building. He's missing one eye, half of his tail, and looks like he lost a fight with a food processor, but he has a heart of gold. (He also adores her)

Little does she know, but her life is about to be turned upside down. She (and her cat Winket) begin to visit the fantasy world she's spent the last three years creating, in her dreams. Additionally elements of her real life seem to be to spilling into her fantasy world. One night, as the peril of her imaginary kingdom reaches a crisis point, she finds that she cannot leave until she finishes the story. Will this quiet, sweet contented young woman be able to conquer the products of her own imagination?


The look: Stuns creatures with the fear of going into the timeout chair
Homework: Make hostile critters run run away to complete their assignments
Praise: Turns evil enemies into sweet loving turtle puppies
Winket: Winket chases them off with his terrifying hiss.




Credits: Kadokowa( [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD]), Just1witness

Art program used: GIMP

Condition 2: User-created / Your original resources, but not allowed to either use/modify/release alone/sell
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Mar 21, 2018
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Nefartim Tao Ilos
Commonly used code:
Chief / Boss

Red Yarn Federation Special high-level crime department:
The Principality of Trans:
First president
The Principality of Trans:
The second generation of Elven King

Somewhat cold, only insisting that what she thinks right is never concerned with anything that has nothing to do with her life, but once she cares or approves something or someone, she will be very gentle and serious.

Blonde, black and gold double eyes
Face of the melon seeds, golden hair and middle hair
The body is full of muscles, but not muscle excess

Passive: God's blessing
When the blood volume changes to 0, it triggers, and it is resurrected in place. The attack power will be 0, the defense will be 9999, and it will not be able to attack.

Exclusive skills (three in total)
Divine Flurry (Light Properties)
Causes multiple damages, up to 3 times, each time within 1000 to 3000 random

Solving the Future (No Property)
In a short period of time, the promotion of all attributes is greatly enhanced.
Can't fight within 5000 steps after use

Death fate:
After use, determine a target that will die after 10 rounds, but Ilos loses combat capability

千叶耀斑姬 at 2018.4.15 ATXmaker All rights reserved(Uploaded by yoshiyuki on behalf of)

User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone, but not allowed to sell
Commercial use please consult:hggyhy@163.com

Source of material:
Rpgmakermv character generator

Tool use:
Photoshop CS6

Note: setting completion
The division of the times in this setting

The age of Emperor
Ancient Times
Early Magic Age
The middle of the magic age
The late magic age
Civilization fault (circa 15000)
Magic Industry Age
Magical Technology Age (Time of the Leading Age)

The Principality of Trans
(People originally governed the country)

Originally a relatively strong country in the 16 countries of the ancient times, the aborigines and the elves that remained in the days of the Emperor of Heaven reached 300 million. Then, because of the long life span and difficulties in raising children, the number of new generation of elves has drastically decreased.

In the early days of the magical age, there were only six countries in 16 countries, and the number of the Teles Empire Elves had plummeted to 200 million. The first Elven King died and the second Elven King Nephtäm Tahou Eros took office in order to seek With her transformation, she opened up a trade port and opened up to the outside world. At this time, this giant fairy empire was known. In the early days of the magical era, the Teers Empire already had the power to mass produce heavy magic scrolls. Sri Lanka’s empire gradually flourishes, and the number of half-elves and humans in the country is still equal to the number of elves.

At the end of the magical age, Nephantim Tao Ilos was blessed by God and had unlimited life, but at the cost of missing her most important thing, Neftim Tao Ilos, she lost her child. The most beautiful memory of the era, from then on, the King of the Kings began to change to the real Queen.

The middle of the magic age
The Teers Empire has become an immigration country and is the most powerful country in the world. The second king of the Elves formally renamed the country
Nefartim Tao Ilos as first president
Its national election system is the presidential election for 16 years
President can be re-appointed for 4 consecutive terms

While growing strong, other emerging countries are also rising
In the middle of the magical age, another country in the world, the IFAF Federation, has already created the prophets of the world, and the multi-dimensional magic guides collide with each other to generate huge reactions with a great deal of latitude magic. When an instrument explodes, it generates about 15 million tons equivalent nuclear explosion)
In this way, the friction between countries and countries has been escalating.
To the end of the midst of the magic age, the Sergey also has similar props to the multi-dimensioned detonators.

The late magic age
The friction between big and big countries is getting more and more serious
This friction lasted 200 years
Until the first generation of Genie President Neftim Tao Eros to step down, the second generation Genie President Haider Drax took office and opened the world war
In the end, the world is completely destroyed by the destruction of the magic of big and big nations.
(Note: After Elias abdicated, she was secretly assassinated by the second president, but the elven king with the blessing of gods could not completely die. Finally, Ilos was immersed in the magic crystal of 100 square meters and sank into the sea.)
Elois's memory and body was sealed in the crystal. She was lucky to survive but she was sealed in the crystal and could not escape.

Magic Industry Age
After 15000 years of destroying the world, a new civilization was born, a human civilization.
They called the objects from the magic age as a super ancient heritage
And the gods died because they didn’t have any faith

Magical Technology Age
At this time, mankind has mastered most of the magical techniques and sciences, and society is moving toward a better future.
The National Red Ribbon Federation, which was originally born on the ruins of the Principality of Très, was a headache for high-level magical crimes that were born in order to solve the growing high-tech industry.
At this time, a truly ancient heritage was discovered.
Nefartim Tao Ilos, the super ancient queen
Humans revived her and found that her body had near-perfect athletic ability and her physical ability exceeded all humanity.

Humans gave her control over her armor.
Read her memory and learn her name
Cover her memory and give her a code name, boss

In this way, she became the General High Teacher, Eros.
Started her story as guardian of another country
However, after all she has the power of the gods, she will still wake up.
no matter when


Is Sinistar
Aug 8, 2016
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1) Character name: Grom Wolfkiller
2) About your character: Abandoned at birth and raised by dwarves Grom was a giant among his people. As he grew closer to adulthood, like most dwarves Grom was trained in the standard dwarven arts. Grom found that he gravitated most towards being a trader and so decided to specialize in that. After years of training, Grom found himself part of a caravan en route to the great city of Murkport to seek his fortune there. Unfortunately he and his caravan were attacked on the road by a massive pack of wolves. By massive pack of wolves I mean there was like 30 of the things. Needless to say his entire caravan was murdered, with him being the only survivor. Grom spent days on the run from the wolf army, killing them when he could and using their pelts for warmth and their meat for sustenance. One particularly grisly encounter led to Grom losing an eye. Eventually, Grom arrived at Murkport with the great wolf army behind him, and nothing to call his own except for a crude bone spear and a cloak made of wolf pelts. That time on the run changed Grom, and he found that he’s developed the skills to be quite the effective thief. Grom now finds employment as a mercenary, taking work where he can and spending his off time swindling people out of their money to pay his ever-increasing tab at his local tavern, as he attempts to drink away the memory of his time on the road.
3) Skills:
Wolf Pelt Pelt: Grom rolls up the wolf pelt that he uses as a cloak and throws it at the enemy, dealing damage with a chance of inflicting them with the Fleas status.
(Fleas: Afflicted enemy has a chance to get itchy and scratch themselves, missing their turn that round)
Wolf Eater: Instantly kill a wolf or bestial enemy, healing a small amount. If the target has fleas, Grom heals more. If there’s no valid target, instead just deal regular damage.
Wolves Still Scare Me: Grom is overcome with an intense fear as he has flashbacks to the wolf army, doubling his speed, increasing his dodge chance and guaranteeing escape. Only usable if there’s a bestial enemy present.
Caravan Flashback: Grom has another flashback and starts hallucinating that he’s facing down another army of wolves, all enemies are considered wolves for the rest of the battle.
4) Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa. You could credit me as Shadefoundry or shady but honestly you don’t need to.
5) Materials you used: Pure RTP
6) Tools you used: Pure RTP
7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: RTP Standards.

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