Mar 25, 2014
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Hello, lovelies~

I am a somewhat slightly obsessed character creator/collector, and, besides keys ( :wub: ), characters are my absolute biggest obsession in life. And that would be an understatement. Pretty much all of my time seems to be dedicated to my little darlings in some way, either through writing about them, drawing them, designing stuff for them, and so on and so forth. I also love to obsess over other people's characters, and I absolutely love hearing about them. It's one of the few things I never get sick of, and I can spend hours upon hours looking through pictures and profiles. I'm not really sure what that says about me, and I don't even know if I want to know, but that's not the point here.

The point is that I want to hear about YOUR lovelies. Be them RPGmaker characters, roleplay characters (D&D anyone?), various characters from online games, or characters from books/stories you're writing. Original ones to your world and your world only, or ones based on a world from an anime/movie/game/whatever. Share with me your most dearest original characters! Show me pictures and/or profiles, and just ramble on about them! Trust me, I will love you for it!

Though I am NOT making any guarantees, I can say that if I do fall in love with a particular character of yours, and that good-for-nothing muse of mine decides to play nice, I might just end up doing some fanart of it, if you'll allow me. :) That being said, I am looking for a decent source of inspiration to battle off a pesky artblock, and characters are always brilliant inspiration. :D

For those curious, here are some minor samples of my artistic artsies: Facebook art folder ~

Now, come share with me, pleaaaaase~ <3

Also, also.. If this wasn't the right to post a topic like this, then I'm terribly sorry. Still learning my way around here.. ^^;


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Feb 28, 2012
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I always wanted to make a German WWII Supervillain based on Aquaman's superpowers named Das Boot.

In the same WWII era superhero concept, I had a character who was the accidental fusing of a US Marine, a Russian nuclear physicist, a British spy, a Chinese martial artist, and a French freedom fighter. Their ability was the ability to alter their appearance in any way they wished, as well as just having the full array of skills that their component parts possessed (though they had to switch active personality to use different skills). They did suffer from having 5 personalities and only one body though. Their name was Foreign Legion.
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Jan 14, 2014
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I had wanted to make a superhero character who went by the title, "The Sweet Gentleman." I began writing a bit for his story, which I planned on making into an RPG someday (after a few of my other projects are taken care of). Here is an excerpt:

In the heart of a city, much like London, but not quite London...okay, maybe it's London...anyway...


A hardened, wise-cracking and obnoxious detective by day, imported straight from the damp city streets of New York City, Tobias Racer transforms into the Sweet Gentleman when Big Ben strikes twelve! An evil-doer's worst nightmare, the Sweet Gentleman is the midnight terror for crime and wickedness, dispensing sweet, sugary justice and smiting evil where ever he goes!


Developed a backstory and whatnot for him (as far as how and why he transformed into the Sweet Gentleman), but I never got around to writing it all down. Need to get on top of that, but first thing's first: working on my current projects. ^_^

That Bread

Jan 4, 2014
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Okay... I suppose this will be fun. I love alot of my Characters!

Who should I choose though? Where should I start? I guess I could share a small biography of some characters.

I guess I'll go with the characters that I've been spending the most time with lately. They all come from a story called Tears of Sky, one thing they share in common is abandonment of their parents.


Clarence, the bushy haired kid who can't seem to motivate himself anymore. He only wakes up to meet his two friends. Why is he unmotivated? His parents left him when he was five... a scar that ran deep into him. When the story starts its been ten years since and Clarence was brought up with the guidance of a teacher, however orphanages are illegal in Zeal. So most of his time was alone or with the mayors daughter. They stuck with each other, Daina hated being the mayors daughter having to live up to the responsibilities ahead and be a proper lady. They meet up in the school, Daina loved Clarences rebellious spirit.

From there Clarence made his first friend... he lives out his life exploring Skyview. Taking up his dads hobby wood carving, and disobeying the system any chance he got. Then he met a smaller fellow with hair like his, they caught each others attention in class. The young fellow would stare at him with curious eyes, but he would roll his eyes or brush his gaze away from him.

After a few days Clarence finds this poor young fellow out in the dirt beaten up by the local kids. He lands in the mud next to him, and they talk about their day as if nothing happened... that is the day Clarence made his second friend Dubay.

There on out it was the three of them... Clarence, Daina, and Dubay. They stuck together in a town that shunned orphans... thats where the story begins.
I know what you are thinking. Wait Daina was the mayors father? Why is she an orphan... well...


The mayors daughter, she was adopted by Trevor Falk after being found washed up on the shore. Trevor never married and wanted a daughter or a son. So he took her in and she lived a spoiled life in the poor town of Skyview. She loved to dress up and be spoiled... but she noticed the outside world and decided to follow everyone in suit. Her father had always been too loving and he didn't disagree with her. He only showed his disapproval when he gave her dress's and finery neglecting her choice.
Daina ended up attending the church and the school, like any other child is required to do so. There she met the closed off groups of kids there... except for a sleepy bushy haired kid who'd walk in late everyday. She decided thats who she would get along with.

With that she snuck off to see where the weird kid lived, he lived out in a house alone in the woods. The boy went in and she ran off feeling embarrassed by her curiosity. However she does have a known spike of boldness, so she came back the next day bright and early.... to wake up the sleepy young fellow. She snuck in and stole his breakfast, when the boy walked in his eyes went wide and she smiled and called. "Catch me if you can!" Thus began a chase that ended up in an eventual friendship.

Daina met Dubay when she saw him come to the town and speak with her father about liveing here. She grew curious about the small snow elf... he had come from a far away village on a pilgrimage and had come here to study their ways. She didn't get a chance with him, the kid flew out the door right after his conversation with her father...

Soon enough she met the kid at Clarences house one night, he was sitting at a chair shareing bread with him. The poor fellow looked all beaten up, so Daina came in and introduced herself. Daina had been gifted since birth with a golden collar, she discovered she can heal minor wounds with light and practiced some medicine. So that night she helped recover their new friend.
Theres so many characters in this story so I'll end it with the last kid whose been involved with the above situations.


A frost elf who made a pilgrimage out to Skyview from a northern continent where his people live. He started his pilgrimage at eight years of age, by the time he reaches Skyview he is eleven years of age. The kid is brought in by a weapon seller known as Bandred Mare. He scurries off from the man to begin his new life at Skyview. Dubay meets with the snake faced mayor of Skyview to gain right to live in the town and to make a work agreement between he and the mayor.

Despite his age Dubay is a determined youngster who aspires to learn the arcane arts and know everything there is to know about anything. However he can be clumsy and he does get distracted by his love for nature and the outdoors... and a bit of excessive energy. He lives at a house near the Mayors alone and with a teddy bear he brought from his home town. This bear has an eye patch from his sister, and thats all he ever says about it. The young boys first few days are harsh and reckless, for he is the only one of his kind here and he is very different from anyone else.

One day he sees a kid like him, messy hair and doesn't seem to fit in quite right... along with that is the mayors odd tom boyish daughter. He ends up going out to the forest that day and discovers a house in the woods. Its none other than the black haired boys home. Dubay scurries away being frightened by anyone who is bigger than he.

One day after school a boy makes a remark that he'll add color to his skin... he does so by beating him raw and leaving him in the dirt. Thats when a boy splats himself in the mud next to him... they talk about their day as if nothing happened and that night they head home. Where he meets Daina and the three orphans have met and now they are together.
Whew! That was a lot to write, but hey it was fun to refresh on each of their stories!

Here they are laying on a couch together

Daina, Clarence and Dubay

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Mar 14, 2012
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I make lots of characters. Lots and lots of characters. I'd really like to actually finish something so I could share them with other people properly.

Most of my characters are designed for RPG Maker, and that's what I mean when I say "finish something"...

I wish I had some good pictures to share...I don't scan enough characters that I draw.

I'll just describe some then...

This is an "RPG party" I designed. But none of them have names yet.

-The leader is an alraune beastmaster. That is, she's a humanoid plant person (looks like a human, but with green skin, green leaf-like hair, etc.) who can call beasts to aid her. Like, a monkey and a "chinese lion"? She also has a giant sword that she throws into the air and the party rides on it, that's how you travel from town to town (it's a little like General Tao's tree throwing from Dragonball...?) Her personality would be a mix of whimsical childishness and a serious focus.

-The "rogue" of the team is a Gorgon Ninja. Combines stealth and skill with a petrifying gaze. If she's infiltrating somewhere, and she's spotted? Well she looks who just spotted her in the eyes and they can't alert anyone because they are a statue. Cold and stoic is how I imagine her.

-The "main healer" is a Unicorn. A majestic unicorn with glitter and rainbows. He has a human form, that of a girlie pretty little girl, but...he's a boy. Girlie and cute, but a little arrogant and temperamental, as you might expect from a legendary creature.

-The "striker" of the team is a Dark Knight. Mysterious and quiet, he's clad in black armor from head to toe. Uses dark energy to deliver high-power attacks at the cost of his own health (it's less Final Fantasy copying than it sounds!) Seems distant and dark, but puts himself in line of fire to protect others.

There are 4 others (8 is a good party number I feel) but I really can't remember them right now.


Jan 3, 2013
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If you really love checking out people's original characters and the interactions between them, then you might like to keep an eye on Ace Academy. A lot of people will be making characters for the Academy and playing them together. They'll be turning those interactions into games about their characters too, and it's nice for people to have interest. You can also join in as well. The thread link is in my signature.

If you've heard of Academy of Heroes on DeviantArt it's a lot like that.

I'm working on the Headmaster of Ace Academy, but he's a seekrit. My old-old-old OC is retired, and has a book long history that I doubt I can remember all of.

Then I have 3 other OCs that are part of the same world. I guess I won't go into them much. All male. I need to make some OCs that are more out of my comfort zone. The Headmaster is out of my comfort zone though.

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Feb 22, 2014
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Relicario, one of my favorite characters.


Relicario is a vain island-dwelling elf with big muscles and an even bigger ego. He dons a grass skirt, a bone necklace, armlets and anklets made with bones and shells (These jingle whenever he walks or moves), and long, flowing black hair...

He's the only one of his kind, and he hides a sinister past...

One of his most frightening features is the fact that the top half of his face is covered by a giant skull. Some say he wears it, some say... it's part of him.

His eyes are little more than glowing orbs within black empty holes. His nose and mouth are organic, though--not a skull. Unlike his mentor, Calaveros (who also dons a skull) his skull only covers his face.

His voice is breathy and smooth, almost seductive.

once, he was a human being who vanquished a horrible sorceress... as a human he was kind and gentle. As this raging island elf-man, he always has temper issues...



Calaveros is a crocodile man who walks on two feet. He's big and bulky and because of that his agility is lacking. The top half of his face is nothing but a skull... or... does he wear it like his charge? His eyes also are naught but glowing, floating dots within two empty chasms. His skin is dark green. His belly is yellow, and his claws are white.

He dons the tattered remains of pants and a mantle which wraps around him. Because he's cold-blooded and he lives on an island where it's almost always warm or hot, neither he nor his charge have much of a need for clothing...

His voice is dark and menacing. his words are slow and well-thought out. He wears rope armlets, as well as shell bracelets and anklets. they clang and jingle as he moves.

thousands of years ago, he was responsible for the vanquishing of an entire race. He became known as a monster among people and was frozen in time for thousands of years. He started training the human to get stronger. when the human found an old skull, Calaveros tried, but failed, to stop him from putting it on...


Mar 14, 2014
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This is a good time because I've been recently working on the backstories for my main characters and the main villains...

First, there is my Bard Eduard:

Born from a one night stand between Amarath (one of the major villains of my game) and a skilled dancer who was in a travelling performance troupe.  When the dancer gave birth to Eduard, she promised herself to steer him far from the kind of man his father became.  So, she raised him with a strict set of ethics.  He was an avid reader and had a burning curiosity about the world, which she encouraged.  During their travels, he quickly became fluent in a wide variety of languages.  Under his young fingers, his harp was nearly magical.   And he acquired a worldliness far more than his youth would suggest, as his eagerness and experience made for a rich stew.

However, when he became old enough, he felt torn between his ethics and his body's urgent demands.  He often fought with his mother as girls started taking an interest in the handsome young man.

Genuinely good at heart, if restless, he slowly learned to balance his urges, ethics and culture, although he still acts like a Casanova.  His rugged good looks (cleft jaw, dark hair intense brown eyes and tan skin), helped him here.  One night, his mother died during a difficult performance.  In his grief, he left the troupe, with only the clothes on his back and a single, wooden harp to his name.

The party finds him inside a closet as he was getting away from a rather angry husband.  Of course, he said he was teaching music lessons.  One party member (a female martial artist) flatly calls him on it.


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Dec 21, 2012
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I have a lot of concepts that cover many different genres, so I spend a lot of time thinking about and developing characters, which in turn leads to more concepts.

Here are a few. ^_^;

One project that I started working on not too long ago, is a slapstick comedy about a guardian angel that screws up when the person she's assigned to dies, and as a consequence she is punished by losing her immortality, but she still has to protect him, without letting him know (he of course thinks that she's a stalker).

You can see a few ComiPo! pictures relating to it here, note that the one with brown hair is the redesign,

Another project that I've kept on the back burner for far too long, is a harem comedy (yes harem) in the shonen genre.

Much of which was inspired by shows I watched while growing up, like The Munsters and I Dream of Jeanne.

I actually had the idea in a random dream, and started jotting it down the next day.

It's also one of the few plots that I've written several chapters for, but their god awful, and I've been rewriting them over the past few years (do to writer's block).

I've started several game projects for this one, including Ren'py, and now I'm looking at making it in Ace, though it will probably be a few years before anything turns out.

Anyway, here is a brief rundown on the concept and some of the characters, I copied it from a recent post I made describing Felina's character:

"She is the protagonist's childhood friend, and has been traveling with him for a number of years.

When they arrive at the mansion, where the story takes place, she has difficulty sleeping and asks Medea for some medicine.

However, both Lilith and Medea want her out of the way, so she gives Felina a potion that will turn her into a cat, but it tastes so bad that she spits it out, the next morning she wakes up with cat ears and a tail.

Medea prepares breakfast, which turns out to be a horrifying ordeal, that doesn't turn out too well, so Felina takes up the job, and proves to be an excellent cook; Lilith then insists that Felina remain as the official cook, and has her wear a maids uniform, thinking that it would put a class distinction between her and the protagonist, but it has quite the opposite affect.

Other notes:

She's afraid of rats and mice.

Her personality traits can be described as: curious, mischievous, playful, and is a bit of a tease.

When really angry she will transform into a werecat, and can change into a regular cat at will.

And some notes on the other characters:

Lilith: an aristocratic tsundere vampire.

Medea: a mad scientist witch, who claims to be an alchemist.

And though not mentioned:

Anna: a mischievous ghost, she likes to play with her dolls, French Revolution style.

Alimpia: a life sized living doll, with a slow personality, regards Anna as her mortal enemy."

You can see some project related material here, including portraits that I drew of Alimpia for the game, along with a recent reference work for Felina.

For a number of years I've been working on a slapstick concept that is about a high school teacher with multiple personalities.

I made a list which covers the concept and most of the characters, you can look through it here.

The concept has branched into several side stories since then, and I was going to make one into it's own series, but decided not to when an anime with a nearly identical back story crushed that.

You can see a few of the characters from that concept here.

I also have a semi-Victorian/western/mystery inspired series that I've been working on, though I wouldn't call it steam punk, and it takes place in a fictional world.

Characters: Irene Chandler and Eris Shaw.

As I'm still developing the concept, I haven't written much about it, and what I have written is subject to change.

Basically: Irene is a wealthy aristocrat, who just inherited her now deceased uncle's railway.

Eris is Irene's eccentric maid, who has a thing for knives.

Though I haven't drawn any pictures of them yet, I posted a few references here (a lot of them are from online character generators, the rest are mostly hair or outfit references for Irene).

I have a lot more concepts with characters that I could mention, including a mech series, action fantasy, shonen, shojo, etc.

But I just looked at the clock, and it's 5 am. o_O;


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May 10, 2013
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I have several.  Too many to list, really.

My main muse at the moment is the same fella my username comes from.  Xenos Markus O'Sullivan, Commander of the Aeronauts, Captain of the AO Victoria.

He's missing his index and middle finger on his right hand, and has a scar over his left eye (as to pretty much all of my characters-being blind in that eye myself, it's a thing I tend to do).  In pointed fact, he looks very similar to the guy in my avatar pic, just longer hair, and no glasses (my profile pic is made to look more like me).

A bit about him:  He moved to Dockside (a city in my dystopian world), looking for work.  He got a job as a day laborer at the local shipping yard.  Within a few days of being there, he meets Victoria, the owner of a tavern, a stripper, and the leader of an underground resistance fighting against the government.  They become an item, and shortly after he gets recruited to fight for the government she resists.

That...  Yeah, that causes a few issues, as you might imagine.

He rises through the ranks VERY swiftly, and is put in charge of hunting down and eradicating the rebellion.

-YOINKED!- goes down, people die, people get hurt, they break up, she shoots him in the stomach twice, ya know, standard romance stuff.

Another of mine is was my FIRST.  He's had many names over the nearly two decades I've been refining him, but right now, it's Diego.  Has been for about eight years, I suppose.  He's from the Guild of Shadowbane, an organization sworn to, well, killing off and defeating evil in the world.  His physical appearance is exactly as mine (minus the glasses and cleanshaven) with waist-length brown hair, usually braided.  As with all my main characters, he's scarred over his left eye.  He's also scarred all over his back, from years in prison where he was lashed daily, and scarred on his chest from a manticore's claw.  Five long scars, from his left shoulder to his right hip, deep, and black in the center.  When the Shadow that Walks is near, he becomes incapacitated due to seizures.  He is half-elven, the other half, while *I* know what it is, would be spoilers for anyone else.  His lover is a Sea Elf named Ellacos.  The funny thing about writing HER, I wrote her years before I met my wife, describing my ideal woman, basically.


Yeah, they line up nearly perfect.

Diego is the leader of a band of adventurers who are currently seeking to find the prince of the Jans, since the king has been killed.  Only the prince can wield the sword Destinova, the Blade of Eternal Light.  The only known blade forged from bloodiron, and the ONLY weapon that can cause damage to the Knight.  

That's about all I'm willing to put here-my characters, much like your'n, are my babies, and I've an INTENSE fear of them getting ripped off.  I've put nothing here what's not been shared elsewhere, so there's that.

 I doubt very seriously that your muse will enjoy my characters enough to warrant any artwork, but if you so chose, feel free.

If you're interested in more about them, and to get a feel for the world Diego lives in, you can visit my fiction press page at:

I've not updated that in nearly four years.  The writing there is dated, and crappy.  Still, feel free to read, review, be happy, and be free!


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Apr 19, 2012
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I really only have one OC that I absolutely love and adore. He's the reason I can't roleplay as any other character (he's also one of the bachelors on my game).

Keito is different. He comes, originally, from the land in the sky, Kirish. As a kid, he was fun filled and loving. He had a best friend, who was of the faerie variety that he saved from the mouth of a dragon, just as a young boy. Her name was Aurora and they spent all of their time together. Except she got very sick, he went to fetch her a bucket of water, and by the time he returned, he saw a sight he would never forget.

Keito's house was on fire.

Outside was Keito's parents and little sister, Hanna, fighting off the demons. She was slashed (Hanna) and fell to the ground. With horror they grabbed Keito and ran. He called Aurora's name, but she didn't come. "She made it out," They said. "We need you to hide here, if we aren't back in an hour you get on that teleportation circle and get out of here." He did as he was told.

And they never came.

Keito, in the present, is caring. However he is very coldhearted. He will give you his advice without any sugar, and he will tell you what's on his mind. He is a protector, and once you're his friend he will always protect you with his life. He seems to be on some sort of mission now that he is back. Only Sequoia knows why he's out here. Is it to avenge his parents? Or to find his childhood friend? Or maybe both???


Anyway, he is my baby. <3

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Mar 17, 2012
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My favourite from one of my games is rather complicated. The three main characters in the game, it turned out over the course of the storyline, were actually one girl trapped in a time loop at various ages, together at one time. Further, through the complexities of magic, she was both her own mother and father. Huh.

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