RMXP Orogenesis: A Neo-Funk RPG

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    The Demo contains roughly 1/6th of the base game. It contains two dungeons, several boss fights and tons of things to explore!

    If you find any bugs, you may report them to my email insaneboxstudios@gmail.com !

    A mountain uproots from the ground, and with it rains four powerful orbs from the sky. The world itself twists and malforms with the birth of this mountain, and within the dreams of all of it's denizens lies a dark cosmic horror. The mystery of the mountain awaits for you to unlock with the help of your friends, but what horrible villains await to stop your adventure? Find out in: Orogenesis!


    You are DUDE, and it is now your fate to gather the four genesis orbs and unlock the secrets of the mountain! Along with your friends, Pipe and Tea, the three of you will conquer the troubling terrain of the world, and snuff out whatever evil lays festering in the dirt beneath you.

    Orogenesis is a game about exploration. Explore a massive tiled map similar to classic games like The Legend of Zelda! With fun turn-based combat accompanied by awesome and satisfying animations, you will explore the world completing it's many dungeons and filthy side-quests!

      • Retro Art Style Overworld: Gorgeous pixel art that invokes the games of old!
      • Grotesque & Abstract battles: When fighting enemies, witness horrible demons and cute little bastards that will send a chill down your spine!
      • A Huge World to Freely Explore: An 8x8 world map full of unique and lovely sights to see!
      • Meet A Quirky Cast of Weirdos: Meet several dozen weirdos and help them out! Get to know them, interact with them, chill with them! Do whatever makes you happy, my dude.
    If you can, please donate to the kickstarter!

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