Orphan's Treasure Steam Launch Sept 9th

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    Hello RPG Maker community.

    Forthright Casual Games team launched their first episode in the Orphan Series, Orphan's Treasure. The game is really a story-driven narrative with very little combat. We would love your feedback and support on the title.

    We hope you all enjoy the game!
    The first episode in a story of a young man torn between two souls. Walking the thin line between good and evil is often blurry. A world of old magic clashes with a tormented and powerful being. Open your mind and your heart learns of the insanity lurking just below one's flesh.

    Orphan's Treasure is an original style game concept delivering an immersive cinematic experience via a RPG-style game.
    • Original custom art
    • An exciting, dark, and surprisingly unique story.
    • A game that you can actually finish

    *Please note that this game is a story-driven adventure containing exploration and with very little traditional RPG combat.

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