Painted Red

Discussion in 'Mysterious August' started by Espon, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Well for some reaon it says it can't find the font. This haven't happened with any other game...
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    Just copy the font from another game file or the RTP and paste it in the font folder for this game.

    My personal thoughts: When you wake up and give Fifi the B-day gifts, I was actually pretty happy about the overall atmosphere. It was magnificent, beautiful, and sad. It felt contemporary, so very artistic. Everything had symbolism (although I couldn't figure out what was up with the extra head I carried around). It would have been a great ending.

    Then you introduced a whole new set of questions that goes unresolved, and it felt as if you sacrificed what could have been a near perfect poetic game for something.... I'm not really sure. Instead of tears in my eyes, it made me raise my hand in frustration and ask why?

    I would have to see the next part and see how it all unfolds to say for sure, and perhaps we'll get some questions answered.
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    Hey lets make an rpg as a team! i ll tell you the storyline if you accept

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