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Feb 14, 2014
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.: P A N D A   M A N ' S   R E S O U R C E S :.

Hmm. I never expected to ever start a resource thread. Call me surprised, but wow. I'm just on a borderline of disbelief and excitement. These are simply resources I was forced to make in order to expand my projects, therefore it might be useful for other developers here. Most of the stuff that I'm playing around with right now is character generator stuff, as it's actually really fun to play around with. My forte is just drawing and coloring in general, my not-so-forte... pixel art. I haven't touched this stuff yet, but I'm pretty sure in the near future, I will eventually have to. 

As it this the mere beginning of the resource thread, you'll have to excuse my pathetic amount of resources at the moment. Otherwise, do not hesitate to use my work in your projects or ask if you are confused on how to use the following resources. I don't mind at all. ^^

.: T E R M S    O F   S E R V I C E :.

1.) You may use these in both commercial and non-commercial projects (unless noted otherwise), as long as proper credit is given. 

2.) You are also free to edit the resources in any shape or form as, again, proper credit is given. 

3.) Please do not re-post originals here or anywhere else without permission. 

4.) I don't mind requests, but please do not hold any expectations for me to do it within the next few weeks. 

5.) Some elements of these resources are RPG Maker RTP content, therefore exclusive only to people with RPG Maker MV Licenses. 

.: G E N E R A T O R :.

Make sure each file goes to it's respective folders: FG goes to Face, SV goes to SV, TV goes to TV, etc. Depending on how much you generator parts you have, you may have to modify the file name. Therefore if there is a conflict with file "FG_AccA_p01_c1_m013" , you only need to change the "p01" to "p##".

Always have a back up for your generator files. 

| Popping Vein - Facial Mark |

A small red popping vein on the cheek. It insinuates to others that he is pissed at someone. Perhaps you. 

Warning: May not be visible under front hair/bangs. Face only.

Download: Dropbox

| Threatening Expression - Facial Mark |

A threatening aura that dawns upon their forehead. May be used to threaten others or perhaps a time when you figure you are deep shi-... stuff. 

Download: Dropbox

| Surgical Mask - Accessory A |

A clean white surgical mask that covers the majority of the lower face.

Warning: this accessory is compatible with certain female heads, but not all.

Credentials: Bokou for his magnificent pixelated ninja mask for SV and TV.

Download: Dropbox

.: T H E   E V E R Y T H I N G   B A G E L :.

Like everything you see? Just click on this link and download. 

Download: Dropbox

U P D A T E S:

12.8.15 - 7:30 PM EST

Thread newly implemented. Introduced two facial marks, Popping Vein and Threatening Expression. Also included, an Accessory A type surgical mask.
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Nov 15, 2015
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Good job Panda and thank you for sharing your resources to the community!  BD


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Mar 27, 2013
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Finally found a good Threatening Expression!

Thank you so much! :D

Great job with those generator pieces, I can't wait to see more of your work!

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