Parallax Scrolling effect (images with different speed)

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by Del Kniteschbutz, Jul 21, 2016.

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    i am really really new to RPG Maker in general so please excuse the probably simple answer but i searched the forum and found several threads that seem to contain the answer somehow but i fail understanding it due to my lack of experience. sadly i need the answer for deciding how i will create the art for my game and cant start without that (so it wouldnt work to find the solution in the process)

    what i want to do:

    use tiles for objects on the map (for asteroids, spaceships etc.)

    below use a partially transparent background image as background that scrolls with a different speed compared to the players movement (slower) (for the planet)

    below use another background image (no transparency) that scrolls even slower (for stars in the background)

    so the effect would be similar to the one, websites with parallax scrolling have.

    is there a way make that work?

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