Parallel trigger on Show image?

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by kako05, Mar 24, 2018.

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    Just a question. Does code like this

    Common event
    If variable 1
    show picture 1

    If variable 2
    show picture 2

    If variable 3
    show picture 3

    which constantly check for variable and change clothes to that number breaks performance by constantly loading images or something? Just to make sure..thanks!

    This code changes clothes then for example, event sets variable to number 2, common event automatically changes person clothes to show picture 2.
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    No, this shouldn't lagg if you don't have many parallel process events running at the same time.
    But I would always add a "wait: 1" at the end of a parallel process event. It saved me from so many performance issues.

    Also you could consider preloading the images you want to display before, especially if they are larger beings.
    There are several plugins, just use your friend google.
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    How often is your character going to be able to change clothes? By what means - menu, or event?

    If you KNOW when they can change clothes, just do a Common Event command at that time, rather than having it as a parallel process. If they have to interact with a wardrobe event, for instance, just call the common event at the end of that event. If it's from the menu (equip screen), write a little tiny plugin (probably half a dozen lines) to turn on a switch whenever that menu is opened, and set the common event as parallel process conditioned by that switch, and turn the switch off at the end.

    If you HAVE to have it as a parallel event (and you likely don't), ask yourself how often are they going to be doing it? If it's infrequent, make the wait time longer (you don't need to check if they've changed clothes 60 times a second). I suspect any common event whose conditions are met will be run the moment the map is loaded anyway, so you could probably make it wait 60 frames or longer and it would still run as soon as you came back from the menu (just make sure the wait command is at the end of the common event, and not the beginning).

    What is the picture that's being shown? Show Picture doesn't affect the walking sprite on the map. So do you have the actor's picture in a corner of the map or something?

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