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Sep 10, 2013
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Hello all,

I'm looking for some help.  I made a skill called Fortify which has the following effects:

Add buff Max HP for 1000 turns (don't want it to go away)

Add buff Max HP for 1000 turns

Add state Shield (a DEF buff)

Add state Protection (a MDEF buff)

Recover HP 132 (that is how much HP is gained after the 2 hp buffs)

As shown in the following picture,

I'd like to get rid of the first line of wording where there is a BOX symbol followed by the bracket symbol next to MAX HP.  Is this scripting help I need?  I assume if it is it's just a quick line or two, and additionally, how do I change the icon in front of that same line, into the "up arrow" NOT enclosed in the white box?

If there is an easier way to do this?  I tried the GROW HP option, when the skill is used that GROWS HP, there is no wording at all to notify the player what happened.

Thanks to all in advance.



Aug 3, 2012
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The strange symbol is caused by a well known bug in Yanfly's Battle Engine script.  You can find the solution here

However, in case you don't recognise what you need, here is a copy/paste of the instructions

Go to line 312 and 313 and look for these:
:add_buff   => “%s{“,      # Appears when a positive buff is applied.
:add_debuff => “%s|”,      # Appears when a negative buff is applied.
Just retype %s but don’t add { or |. There’s an invisible letter between %s{ that you can’t see unless you can see Japanese text.

When you have a query like this, please link to scripts which are involved.  It will make it a lot easier to help you.

for the icon query, the only way to change that is to change the icon on the icon sheet - but then it will be changed for everything.

When you say "Is there an easier way to do this?" what exactly is the "this" that you are referring to?  From the way you have worded your post it could be more than one thing.

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