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Jan 18, 2015
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(I wrote this with sincerity and a lot of thought went into it. Please be understanding, as this wasn't an easy thing to write.)

After 9 months of being on RPG Maker Web, I realize it's not for me. I feel like I've said and done a lot of things that upset and annoyed a lot of people. None of it was even intentional. I pre-ordered MV the other day and I'm already put off from using it. Nothing's wrong with the program itself, but I don't feel up to making games anymore. I find it too stressful and I'm tired of getting into trouble with the same people on this community over and over again, over stupid things like whether a status update I posted one day was considered ranting, or what somebody else thought of my opinion on MV.

That said, I'll admit I did a lot of stupid things during my time here that caused more trouble than it solved. But that was never the intention, and I'd like to apologize to the following people:

Shaz, I'm sorry for the incident over the "rant" status update. It wasn't intended to be a rant, it was simply the wrong place to post something that I should have just kept inside the MV thread. I should have known better.

Paladinthug, I'm sorry for our long and unpleasant history on the forums. I'm sure you simply wanted to point certain things out as objectively as you could, but I took it the wrong way and assumed you were harassing me.

Iron Croc, I'm sorry for the fallout we had in the RPG Maker Skype chat a few months back. You and I were awesome friends until I lost my temper over that one incident and lashed out. I was the one who stepped out of line, and I didn't stop to think about the ripples I caused in the Skype chat, or our friendship as a whole, and I hope you feel at least a little better reading this. Again, none of this was intentional. I just have trouble controlling my emotions under that kind of pressure. -_-

Nio, I'm sorry for the mean things I said to you in that Skype chat a few months back. This was about the same time Iron Croc and I had that fallout in the RPG Maker Skype group. Whatever we were talking about, how it ever got to the point of me losing my cool, the only reason I did was because I didn't understand what you really meant, and like with many people, I took it the wrong way and way too far, and everyone else thought that I was bullying you. The fact I'm saying this in public now should show you how much it bothered me afterwards; it's still on my mind even today. Nio, I understand English isn't your first language, but I should have realized that when I lost my cool in front of everybody.

And to anyone else who may be reading this, I don't like being known as a troublemaker, it's not in my nature to be one. But I'm not always the wisest, the calmest, emotionally intelligent person on the forums, and these are only 4 of the many screw-ups and blunders I've made on not just the forums, but on the Skype chat, and even on Youtube with the recent video I posted in the Countdown thread. I took that down today because I don't feel good about it, and I should just stay out of matters like this.

I wrote this message with all sincerity, and I wish you all the very best. I want to make this post my last, and remove any bad feelings between me and the community here on RPG Maker Web. And I hope you'll forgive the crazy shenanigans I pulled this year.


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Jun 21, 2015
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I think I have annoyed many people here too. (at least I have that feeling)

Personally I didn't experienced any bad things from you, so I may not know to say.

But what I want to say anyway is that - perhaps you 'annoyed' some people, but there are still other people that were not annoyed and may care about you, though I have no idea, so I'm sorry if that makes no sense.

I really think I was annoying people - endlessly asking stupid questions, being a total annoying noob who has a silly profile picture and I even got 'blued' few times and all of this in a short period of time - I felt kinda alone and bad here, but still I was doing my best to give others something from me, but still most of the time it was not helpful at all.

Despite the fact I'm not a that likeable person here, I'm still here, still trying to look forward for better things and you really shouldn't give up.

You didn't annoyed me; I saw you multiple times around and from what I personally experienced - You seem like a good person. (I was kinda covered by ultimate MV spam, so I can't catch up with news, so there may be something, that I'm missing). However, you didn't annoyed me - so here I am - the one person who actually cares and despite the all weirdness, that is happening there we all like a giant family - a herd created of random thingies (blue squirrels, eagles and many more. =3).

I think many people here considers me as a kid, who tries to make a silly game, throwing silly jokes on forum and stuff. (Actually that's a true fact, since many people were wrongly guessing my age) - and that's why I hid that information - to see how people see me, how they judge me - not by numbers, but my personality.

I think I'm creating another wall of text, that will not have any sense, I have no idea what I'm writing, just throwing a bunch of thoughts, so bear with me please. =3

What I want to say is that you really shouldn't give up.

There are always different opinions, so it's a normal thing that argues and stuff can happen. Though I'm not sure how heavy 'these things' you did, but running away isn't a solution. Try once more, with a different approach, there are many people out there to befriend with, you just need to keep going.

Um.. I think I wrote wall of silly things, but you know what I mean. (I hope)

Don't leave us or you'll make me sad and I'll be haunting you. =3

(Sorry for my silliness! =3)

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