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What kind of party setup do you prefer in an RPG?

  1. Creating your own party setup by choosing who to bring with you.

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  2. A party consisting of well-rounded characters, none having defined roles.

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  3. A party consisting of characters with possible roles, but aren't bound to only 1 task.

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  4. A party consisting of characters with defined roles and fully specialised in what they do.

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  5. Other (explain in post)

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  1. Haydeos

    Haydeos The Dragon Veteran

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    Usually I prefer where you can choose 3 members to take with you at any particular time, from your roster of however many total characters there are (Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy)

    I also really like when you can create your own characters to make your own party with. (D&D/Icewind Dale/Wizardry 8 )
  2. Mikuri

    Mikuri Princess Veteran

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    All my games consist of parties that the player choose among all the caracters available. Also, I always make sure that a combo can't solo the game. I do some "Battles themes" where for exemple it needs lots of debuff to survive. So an all-out attacker can't get throught. All of this makes balancing a total nightmare, but I like it x)
  3. Heirukichi

    Heirukichi Veteran Veteran

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    I prefer having a decent pool of specialized characters. This way you can pick those you need to fit your strategy and eventually swap them to try something different. Of course they should have something in common. I belive in the old-school tank-healer-dps trinity but this doesn't mean you cannot mix them. Having specialized characters, as it has been said, allows the developer to make better battle mechanics and this way you know what characters can do and what to do to keep the interest high.
  4. hian

    hian Biggest Boss Veteran

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    My preferred party system is a combination of

    1.)Creating your own party setup by choosing who to bring with you, and

    2.)A party consisting of characters with possible roles, but aren't bound to only 1 task.

    In my current project you have a relatively large cast, and when the plot does not demand a

    certain set-up, you're free to pick which one to bring with you.

    That being said, all characters have two tiers of actions - the skills, which are unique to each character,

    and the magic, which is tied to "runic-spheres" which are equips that give the characters access to magic

    much the same way as the rune system in Suikoden.

    This way characters have some defined and locked traits that make them distinct, but also a lot

    of option for customization in ways of magic.

    Essentially you pick a party based on who you like, what skills you need etc, and then you freely fill

    in the blanks etc. with magic.
  5. SOC

    SOC "God is my Judge" Veteran

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    I like parties consisting of characters with defined roles and fully specialized in what they do, especially in RPG Maker games. While my favorite RPGs (Chrono Trigger, FF7, FF6, FF9, and FF Dimensions) usually allow customization in parties, I still find that defined role and specialization so attractive and fun. I love it when I go into a game knowing what my characters do and will be doing, rather than feeling like I'm presented options that I could "screw up" later and feel pressured by it.
  6. TheHonorableRyu

    TheHonorableRyu Veteran Veteran

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    For me it really depends on how many different kinds of party members the player can recruit.

    If the player is given only a small number of party members (say 3 to 6), I prefer either a FFV/Bravely Default scheme (each unit can be trained in different job classes however the player wants, but loadouts will determine how relatively good or bad the unit is at certain roles in any given battle) or a typical CRPG scheme (players create a party composed of highly specialized units determined by race and class).

    If the player gets around 7-12 party members total and can take around 3-4 into battle (as in Final Fantasy VI and VII or Xenoblade Chronicles) I prefer them to be have roles that they're best at, second best at, third best at, etc., where there's basically a list of stats, proficiencies, and roles and each character is ranked.

    If the player can recruit an army of units, as in Final Fantasy Tactics, SMT series, Pokemon, etc., I prefer for there to be all kinds of units (some highly specialized, some more general) and dozens of possible specializations (ranging from units that specialize dealing damage with specific elements, to units that specialize in inflicting certain status effects, to units that specialize in barriers or counterattacks). Part of the fun here is continuously experimenting with new and different parties, trying out different combinations to beat certain areas, dungeons, or bosses.

    Every party member being well-rounded, or able to do everything, sounds uninteresting to me, and off the top of my head I can't kind of an RPG that does that.
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