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    I have been using the rpg maker program since I was 11 years old - In the last 18 years I've been creating games on occasion, but never really finishing anything. Always starting games, but never finishing them.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this

    Also, i've tried to cooperate with people to create projects together - but this too failed. Why? Well lack of team spirit I guess. It's difficult to really get a project going isn't it?

    Pass and create
    So I'd like to propose a different tactics(although it's probably not an original idea but..). Lets pass and create a game together. That right, you, reading this right now could be the next person who can participate.

    - add a single map that you integrate into the system.
    - Even if you just improve the battle system.
    - Lengthen the story
    - create a side quest
    - anything you want really.

    The game is yours to do with as you please. Just pass it back to me, or to someone else once you are finished.

    Download it here

    The only thing I'd like to ask are this:
    - please let me know if you are working on something to prevent simultaneous game editing.
    - please post a new version somewhere here - or send it to me so I can upload it here.
    - try not to be selfish about what you created
    - it should be a community project that doesn't necessarily belong to anyone. - so basically an open source non profit game.

    The game
    The game is about a boy who was raised by monsters. He finds a dark stone that turns the monsters of his hometown against he has to flee he then basicly meets a pirate to go treasurehunting, gets drunk and loses his slave etc. It's a random and supposed to be kinda funny :). The title is basically this:

    This refers to the setting of the game: it is a world where monsters live like human beings. So..

    Download it here

    Game features
    - non standard storyline
    - A few puzzles
    - Various battle motion plugins (by Yanfly)
    - (a couple of) Custom made battle animations and characters
    - a home made 'sad theme' bgm
    - an unexpected ending for this demo..
    - deployed for windows - let me know if you need a mac version!

    - Wind temple at the east end of the map is now playable - although not (yet) integrated in the story.
    - Can own and upgrade a house (starts out as a ruin)

    Screenshots to get an idea:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you just want to play it that's alright too ofcourse :)

    Let me know if you'll need the most recent version via e-mail: albertbaarsma@gmail.com

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