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Dec 4, 2018
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I'm using Frog's Blue magic plugin, as it's the only one that has the features I'm looking for. It allows you to learn skills by witnessing the enemy use it =(Mage doesn't have to be the target), and it displays a text box when the mage learns something.

However, it has two issues that I can't figure out.

1. It displays the 'Skill Learned' text before the enemy uses the skill, which makes the process rather confusing for the player.

2. You can learn skills from allies. So if a skill is tagged as learnable by a blue mage, and an ally uses it, the blue mage will learn it. It would be better if the plugin only allowed skills to be learned from enemies.

I'll post the code here.

Note: Frog has not logged on in 2020 so I highly doubt asking him directly would get an answer, which is why I'm posting here instead.

// Frogboy RMMV Plugin
// FROG_BlueMagic.js

* @plugindesc v1.0 Blue Magic ability which allows characters to learn monster's skills when used in battle
* @author Frogboy
* @help
* BlueMagic v1.00
* Author Frogboy
* ============================================================================
* Introduction
* ============================================================================
* This plug-in enables a Blue Mage type ability where certain classes can
* learn skills from monsters they fight.  Unlike the normal implementation
* of Blue Magic, this version doesn't require that the learner be targeted
* with the skill in question.  All they have to do is be present when the
* skill is used in battle and they will learn it.  This allows your Blue Mage
* to learn passive skills like heals and buffs.
* ============================================================================
* How to Use
* ============================================================================
* There are two methods.  If you want one or more classes to learn all monster
* skills tagged as Blue Magic, just include them in the Blue Magic Classes
* parameter box.  The other method is to include the class ids when you tag
* the skill itself.
* To tag a skill, place the text <BlueLearn> in the note box of the skill you
* want to be learnable.  If you want to specify which classes can learn a
* specific skill, type in <BlueLearn: 5, 6> where 5 and 6 are the class ids
* that can learn this skill.  Typically, you only want to specify in this way
* if a class can't learn all of the tagged skills.

* For instance, my game has a Druid class that can learn all Blue Magic skills
* while the Ranger class can only learn a subset of them.  The Druid is listed
* in the parameters of the plugin while the Ranger is not.  The Ranger's class
* id is only listed on the skills that I want him or her to learn.  The Druid
* gets all Blue Skills so their class id does not need to be specified in the
* <BlueLearn> tags.
* Make sure that the learner has the appropriate "Add Skill Type" trait for
* or they won't be able to use their learned skill.
* There are also parameters to format a message box to let your players know
* that they learned a new skill.  This can be disabled if you wish.
* ============================================================================
* Terms of Use
* ============================================================================
* This plugin can be used in commercial or non-commercial projects.
* Credit Frogboy in your work
* ============================================================================
* Changelog
* ============================================================================
* Version 1.00 - Initial release
* @param Parameters
* @param Blue Magic Classes
* @parent Parameters
* @desc List of classes that learn every skill marked as Blue Magic
* @type class[]
* @default []
* @param Message when Learned
* @parent Parameters
* @desc Show a message when a new Blue Magic skill is learned
* @type boolean
* @default true
* @on Yes
* @off No
* @param Window Position
* @parent Parameters
* @desc Window Position of the message box
* @type select
* @default Bottom
* @option Top
* @value Top
* @option Middle
* @value Middle
* @option Bottom
* @value Bottom
* @param Background Type
* @parent Parameters
* @desc Background Type of the message box
* @type select
* @default Window
* @option Window
* @value Window
* @option Dim
* @value Dim
* @option Transparent
* @value Transparent

(function() {
    var parameters = PluginManager.parameters('FROG_BlueMagic');
    var paramBlueIds = JSON.parse(parameters['Blue Magic Classes']).map(Number) || [];
    var paramShowMessage = (parameters['Message when Learned'] === "true");
    var paramWindowPosition = parameters['Window Position'];
    var paramBackgroundType = parameters['Background Type'];

    switch (paramWindowPosition) {
        case 'Top': paramWindowPosition = 0; break;
        case 'Middle': paramWindowPosition = 1; break;
        case 'Bottom': paramWindowPosition = 2; break;
        default: paramWindowPosition = 2; break;

    switch (paramBackgroundType) {
        case 'Window': paramBackgroundType = 0; break;
        case 'Dim': paramBackgroundType = 1; break;
        case 'Transparent': paramBackgroundType = 2; break;
        default: paramBackgroundType = 0; break;

    var alias_BattleManagerStartAction = BattleManager.startAction;
    BattleManager.startAction = function() {;
        var subject = this._subject;
        var action = subject.currentAction();
        var message = "";

        if (action._item._dataClass == "skill") {
            var skill_id = action._item._itemId;
            var skill = $dataSkills[skill_id];
            if (!skill.meta || !skill.meta.hasOwnProperty("BlueLearn")) return;
            var blue_ids = skill.meta.BlueLearn;
            blue_ids = (typeof blue_ids === "string") ? blue_ids.split(",").map(Number) : [];
            if (paramBlueIds.length > 0) blue_ids = blue_ids.concat(paramBlueIds);

            // Check Party for Blue Mages
            for (i=0; i<$gameParty._actors.length; i++) {
                var actor_id = $gameParty._actors[i];
                var actor = $gameActors._data[actor_id];
                var class_id = actor._classId;

                // This actor's class is marked to learn this skill and hasn't yet
                if (blue_ids.indexOf(class_id) > -1 && actor._skills.indexOf(skill_id) == -1) {
                    message += actor._name + " has learned " + + "\n";

        if (message != "" && paramShowMessage) {
            $gameMessage.add(message + "\\| \\^");
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