RMVXA Path of Vidya (Modern, Story Driven RPG w/ Sci-fi elements)


Aug 31, 2016
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Modern/Sci-fi Role-Playing Story Driven with Classic Turn-Based Action

  • Discover the true nature of "Vidya" a technology introduced to Gaia by an unknown cause
  • Level up your characters, acquire equipment, gain new "Vidya" skills, while exploring the world
  • Designed to be a modern day RPG taking place in a parallel reality to our own
  • Features a soundtrack of Vaporwave/NewWaveRetro artists such as:
    猫 シ Corp, Windows彡96, Isidor, Efence
  • Explore the metaphysics of consciousness, the examination of our society, and what real magic is
  • Inspired heavily by the SNES classic, Earthbound
  • Are you playing a video game, or are you really playing with Vidya?

    Download for free here:

    Path of Vidya (v1.1) [Mediafire link]
"Vidya" a technology that is introduced to Gaia in the year 1983. Many people enjoy playing with this technology. Some, believe it contains a mysterious power beyond what people normally perceive. Others fear its potential...

You wake up as Alexandros. An ordinary man who enjoys playing with a technology known as "Vidya" in the town of Kansa within the Omni-State the most powerful nation on Gaia. You turn on the news to see a rather boisterous person running for Prime Leader of the Omni-State, known only as Mr. Carnelian. Suddenly you notice a blipper message from your friend Jaron. "Alexandros you need to get to my place now! Something big is going down". This seems odd to you as Jaron never invites anyone over to his house! But, when you arrive... Jaron is not home. How could this be? He just sent the blipper message! Your phone begins to ring. It appears to be an anonymous caller:

Anonymous: "Alexandros... there is no time."
Alexandros: "What? Who is this?"
Anonymous: "I know where your friend is"
Alexandros: "H-how do you know that?"

"Vidya will evolve"
"Gaia will transform"
"Mr. Carnelian will change everything"

Tick Tock... Alexandros... Tick Tock...



Travel across the land and discover the true meaning of Vidya!
Your party will include:

Jaron the mystic.
Who goes insane by reading mystical occult books such as the Enchiridion, that appear to predict the future. Who begins the game in a mental hospital with no memory of why he is even there.

Nord the Merchant

A humble merchant that just wants to live the Omni-State dream. Angry that no one has ever taken him seriously and never believed in his potential.

Trick the Steam Paladin

Who believes Gabe Nuwool is not the savior of Vidya but has a much deeper message for mankind.

Alexandros the Arbiter
The protagonist of the story. A simple man who has a yearning to seek out the truth whatever that may be. Is Vidya really just something we play with? Or is there something deeper, something more... spiritual about what it is revealing to us.

Will you follow the path towards reality or the path towards Vidya?
Just remember... you chose your path a long time ago.

You are here to experience that path.

Note to all who play this game:
Attacks made by the player will always be considered non-violent. So "attack" will be replaced with "confer". The general gist is that combat is actually an "encounter". Where you must confer, discuss, arbitrate to give sense to the targets in order to induce an ego death (realizing the futility of argument) and win. It works exactly like any other RPG with health and damage, but the labels differ to fit the theme of the game.

The story is intended to blow your mind wide open. You may not immediately understand what is taking place in the story but, you will be able to draw enough of a conclusion yourself and look up elements or words within the game to help you along. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: This game contains elements of politics and religion, however it is not intended to offend anyone's beliefs or point of view but to simply highlight certain dis-integrative aspects of any given point of view.


This game has a basic RPGmakerVXACE cookie cutter design. Yet, I feel the power of the narrative and the atmosphere of the game will make this an enjoyable experience for anyone who plays. The game will run anywhere from about 15-25 hours long so it will be a fun time for anyone looking for a good story-driven experience that blends virtuality and reality. The game is free to everyone with the option to donate to my cause in order to create more games or in order to expand on this game with a team of people who want to create a more visceral RPG experience.

Visit www.jaronfund.com for more details!
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I think after I get this game done, I'm going to take a long vacation from game development. It feels great to see the coding skills get better and it is fun - but god it is also so exhausting.
Just advertising that I released version 0.9 of my game yesterday, for feedback purposes. My first game or creative endeavor ever :D Would be cool if someone tries it out!
An overall view of my full set of sprites so far, this was really fun to work in this past year! :kaopride:

Even though the game is cancelled, I'm still doing art in my spare time and seeing how it'd look.

It's a lot of fun. Wish I could be an artist!

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