Pausing in the middle of dialogue?


Feb 1, 2020
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Hello everyone!

I've been working on a picture menu system for a little while now and it completely functions. My picture menu does not require transferring to another map or anything like that.

I was wondering... because my game is story based- and thus heavily reliant on dialogue, is there a way to be able to access a picture menu in the middle of conversations with characters?

For example- after a message window has appeared- I could press "P" and access the pause menu, then when I leave the menu, the dialogue resumes as normal?

The best idea that I could have at the moment would be providing choice breaks in the dialogue like "would you want to pause/save now?"

Even if there is a way to access the game's built in menu mid dialogue it could be a start of something to work with...

Thanks in advance!
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