Paying your team after game is finished?

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    Lately I've thought about this.

    It all depends on payment agreements. Team members' pay may depend on their amount of work. The job with the least work may get paid the least.

    Personally I believe in paying people in full after they complete their job. If they're unable to complete their jobs then I would pay them the percentage they completed. Example if we agree to pay $200 for graphics and you're only able to do finish half of the job then you would receive $100. Things happen in life. A person may not be able to do their work.
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    I guess it all depends on whether or not you have a reliable team, and how willing they are to go through with a project that might potentially make nothing for various reasons.

    As much as I wish I had a team that I could just split profits with, I don't really know anyone willing to actually commit to completing a game. I have been in the situation many times where I got to hound people to get something finished and they never get around to doing it (not necessarily game making related). It would generally be easier for me to pay someone upfront for resources with the intent of having a complete set of something (such as music or artwork, I hate having things half finished). Things can feel quite unpolished or rushed if someone quits midway and you now need someone else. That can cause clashing of styles or the entire project just shutting down because there is no suitable replacement.

    But eh, I've never finished a commercial game, I'm too much of a loner and am afraid of trying to find interested members (particularly because I might end up being the one not pulling his weight).
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