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Apr 20, 2019
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Hey Game Maker, I hope you doing well.

Today I'm going to add a very important plugin list, the topic is about 'Performance'!
when you starting to add more files/plugins to your game you might come across a bit of 'lag' in-game or maybe just when opening/closing menu, In battle, or any other cases your game gets less of the Performance you would like it to have. I can't promise magic, but some of the following plugin's scripts might help you to increase your game Performance.

Note: The purposes of this list are created to give you easy access to plugins/scripts around the web the normally can take days/weeks to find. You will still need to put some time to check each of them for your won game and see which one helps your project. There is also a possibility where none of the plugins/scripts will solve your performance problem, if that the case, you should ask in the 'mv support' forum for help.

- General Performance fix -

MadeWithMV Performance Fix (By bluebooth) [Direct]
Fix some performance issues the default 'MadeWithMV' has.

TDDP_FluidTimestep [Direct]
This plugin update loop with a semi-fixed timestep solution-based. It's Makes the game run at normal speed (animation, movement, and anything else) regardless of framerate. By default, MV run on a 144hz monitor would run at 144fps and everything would move at 2,4 times normal speed. Likewise, if someone ran the game and only managed 30fps, everything would move at half normal speed.

Note: This is an old plugin, so it may or may not work with other plugins.

This is a "plugin" of mostly performance upgrades shifts away from the usage of bitmap functions to WebGL and PIXI for better performance. Results may vary from computer to computer as PIXI alternatives depend highly on the PC's GPU.

JitterFix (by Archeia) [Direct]
This plugin fixes event jitter / Display rounding error (Events appear off from the tilemap by a single pixel).

YEP_FPS Synch Option
This plugin gives the player the option to either use a full 60 FPS for the game or not (30). It will be helpful for 'old computers', recording tools with low then 60FPS, and other situations where if you use the full 60 FPS the game will be laggy... with this tool you can simply turn the full 60FPS off to fix that.

PerformanceRefine.js [Direct] (by Triacontane)
This plugin will open the Console log when you test your game and will write messages related to the performance of your game, it will give you warnings every time the frame rate drops for any reason (example: when opening menu).

- Audio Performance fix -

AudioStreaming.js (By Kuramubon ) [JS 01] [JS 02] [JS 03]
Best lag-fix Audio plugin I know of, you will need all of the tree plugins but only AudioStreaming.js (js 01) should be 'On', the other two plugins just need to be in 'js' folder, do not turn this other two On.

DSE-AudioLagFix [for all virsion] [Direct]
Fix some lag happened with Audio using RPG maker mv (specifically the longer BGM Files). Some people report on the problem getting it to work, I recommend to check each version of the js (i added a link above) and check the comments in the official plugin post.

RS_OnlyOGG.js (by buid436) [Direct]
This plugin gives you the ability to playback Ogg files on Android devices.

- Pre Load Plugins -

'Pre Load' plugins lead all the files of your game (you need to set it up in the setting) before the game start, this normally will help with the performance of your game, since it will not need to upload each picture/Audio/actor every time. Note the some of the preload might have issues with other plugins, you will need to check which one works the best for your game.

TDDP - PreloadManager [Directc]

YSP_Preloader.js [

SRD_PreloaderCore.js [

DoubleX RMMV Preloaded Resources.js [


- Make transitions between scenes smoother.
- Also comes with a built-in preloader, which works for images, audio, and video.

Aetherflow_PreloadEverything.js (Paid plugin)
Advance preloader plugin the add a preloader (Resrsuece, Audio+) and caching system to your game, including script calls and much much more.

- Advance Script to check -

SpeedUp game performance (by Jonforum).

Make sure to take a second and click on the 'like' button. Also If you know any plugin/way I didn't mention here feel free to comment below and after checking it I will add it to the list.

Until next time, Happy Game making!
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