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May 28, 2012
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i would like to request a script similar to the Persona 4's time system. so what does it do?

here's a sample pic of the persona 4's time system (located at the top right):


Features of the time system:

- shows the time, day and date in-game

- displays the weather

- shows whether it's evening, morning, after school etc.

for my request it would look complicated if i asked for the same feature so therefore the features that i only want is:

- shows the time and day of the game (no date) = time 24 hrs, days Mon-Sun loop, days and time are controlled by variables so i can configure to set a deadline for quests depending on the day/time

- tint screens depending on the time of the day

and if possible to add:

- shows whether it's evening, morning etc. in the hud and you can set a script call for example after school, you will set a script call that will stop the after school to be changed into evening or so on since the words evening,morning etc will be dependent on the time of the day

i hope you can help me :)
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