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    This script implements the Persona System from the Persona games (specifically Persona 4).

    Quoting from the Megami Tensei Wiki:
    In this system, you can use Personas to fight enemies. Each character can equip one of those Personas which, as a result, increases all of the user's parameters.
    In the original game, the characters have no parameters nor skills and all those depend on the persona they have currently equipped. In this script you can choose the percentages of the parameters contributed by the user and the Persona while, also, use the skills of the currently equipped Persona.
    Following the original game's system, Personas can only learn a specific number of skills. When they try to learn a new one, they have to forget an old one (or skip learning it).
    Personas can be acquired with two different methods:
    • By fusing two (or three) Personas to create a new one
    • During the Shuffle Time
    Compared to the original game's fusion system, this script implements a quiet simpler Fusion System, for ease of use. It is divided into a Normal Fusion (two Personas) and a Special Fusion (three Personas). When fusing Personas, the resulting Persona will gain a bonus EXP depending on the Arcana rank (explained later) and the Personas' level used in the Fusion.
    Shuffle Time, happens after every battle and if the enemy has dropped any Persona cards. Along with the Persona cards, enemies drop Blank cards and Penalty cards. There are two different Shuffle methods: Rotating cards and Memory match. During the first method, the cards rotate either horizontally, diagonally or a combination of both. During the Memory match, the player has to match two cards together, with a maximum number of attempts. If the player has picked a Blank card during the Shuffle Time, nothing will happen (no Persona will be acquired), but if they pick a Penalty card, they will lose all battle rewards (no EXP or Gold will be acquired).
    Additionally, Personas have classes called Arcanas. Quoting (again) the Megami Tensei Wiki:
    Each Arcana has its own rank and when it reaches a specific one the Persona of that Arcana can evolve into a stronger one (you can choose which Personas can evolve and at which rank).
    You can check all the available Arcanas through the Social Link option in the main menu, along with its rank, its individual Social Links and their description. You can choose, for each Social Link, which actors it is consisted of.

    You can change for each user which Personas they can use, if he can use only one, set the maximum rank of each Arcana separately, set whoever you want as a Social Link of an Arcana and change them at any point of the game, call the Shuffle Time whenever you want and with which ever cards you want, use a common event when a Persona is being evolved (if you want and for whichever Persona you want), set the position of a couple of small windows, pick some colors here or there, set the percentage of the parameters individually (for each param, xparam, sparam etc.) and many more that I may have missed. You can check all the possible settings in the script.

    Screenshots and Videos

    The bars were made from a really good artist (me) so please don't judge. :)
    You have the ability to use your own graphics (white bar, small bar empty and filled).



    Some more screenshots from the Social Links menu.

    There are some minor differences between the uploaded videos and the demo (messages and stuff) which were changed after the recording and upload (my upload speed is potato).

    Playlist with all the videos.



    Instructions and Demo

    The instructions bellow are taken from the demo, which are also present in the script. They cover all the available tags that can be used to setup the system, along with all the scene calls you can make and explanation of each system. There are many option settings you can change in this script, which are not covered in the instructions and are located at the beginning of the script, for each "sub-system" separately.
    The script goes above Main and bellow Materials.

    Tags on actors (that are personas)
    You can specify which actor is a persona by simply adding the following tag:
    By adding the tag bellow:
    <User: actor_id[, actor_id[, ...]]>
    on a persona actor you can specify the users that can equip the specific
    persona. Remember that for the <User: ...> tag to work the actor must be a
    persona. Also, you can specify as many persona users as you want in the list.
    For convenience, you can set the default users of a persona that doesn't have
    that tag through the options module.
    Personas can't learn an infinite number of skills. You can specify the
    maximum number of skills a persona can learn by using the following tag:
    <Max skills: number>
    The default number of maximum skills for all personas is set to 4, but you can
    change it through the options module! Lastly, a persona has the ability to evolve
    into a stronger one when it reaches a specific arcana rank! You can specify the
    rank of the arcana at which the persona will evolve with the following tag:
    <Evolve at: rank>
    and the persona to which it will evolve to with the following one:
    <Evolve to: persona_name>

    Tags on actors (that use personas)
    You can specify that a specific actor can use ONLY one (which will be
    automatically equipped) by using the following tag:
    <Persona: actor_id>
    Also, to specify which persona will be equipped in Battle test on a specific
    ctor, you can use the following tag:
    <Battletest persona: actor_id>

    Tags on classes (Arcana)
    You can specify which classes represent an arcana by adding the tag
    Each arcana's current rank is stored in a game variable. Those variables
    can be set for each Arcana separately by adding the following tag:
    <Rank variable: variable_id>
    Of course, you can set the maximum rank of each arcana by adding the
    tag bellow on each arcana:
    <Max rank: rank>
    The default maximum rank is set to 10, but can be changed through the
    options module. As in the original game, each arcana has its own social link(s).
    You can specify who is or are those links by adding the following tags
    to specify by actor id:
    <Social links actors: actor_id[,actor_id[,...]]>
    and to specify by variable id (in which actor ids are stored):
    <Social links actors: actor_id[,actor_id[,...]]>
    As far as naming those social links and their description goes, you can
    use the tag bellow to specify the name of the social link:
    <Social target: name>
    and the one bellow to specify its description:
    <Description: description>
    You can specify the description of an actor's social link by adding
    this tag:
    <Social description: description>

    Tags on enemies
    There is only one tag that is used on enemies and it specifies the card
    that an enemy can drop:
    <Card drop: card_name, chance>
    The chance is specified by a floating number and not a percentage, for
    example using the tag bellow on an enemy, has a 30% chance to drop the
    Ghoul card:
    <Card drop: Ghoul, 0.3>

    Add persona to party
    You can add a persona to your party by calling the following script:
    It is important to remember that you cannot have duplicate personas in
    your party! Also, for developing purposes a message box will be displayed
    if you try adding an actor as a persona that is not actually a persona!
    Personas can also be acquired through the Shuffle Time that happens after
    a battle and if the enemy troop has dropped any cards. You can learn
    more about Shuffle Time by going to the back of the room.

    Remove social link through variable
    If you have specified someone as a social link of an arcana via
    variables (see Tags on class (Arcanas)) you can remove a social
    link by setting the specific variable's value to -1. Do remember
    that if you have specified that social link through the actor social
    link tag, then even if you remove that actor they will still be a
    social link. Social links specified via actor ids cannot be removed!

    Increase/Decrease arcana rank
    You can increase an arcana's rank by making the following script
    You can also decrease an arcana's rank by making the following
    script call:
    The minimum arcana rank can be set though the persona module!
    For convenience you can use the script call bellow to increase the
    arcana's rank by
    multiple ranks:
    $game_party.arcana_rank_up_by(arcana_name, ranks)
    The same can be done to decrease the arcana's rank by multiple ranks
    by making the following script call:
    $game_party.arcana_rank_down_by(arcana_name, ranks)

    Persona in party or equipped
    You can check if a persona is in the party by using the following
    script call:

    You can check if a persona is currently equipped by simply calling
    the following script:

    Also, you can check if a persona is equipped by a specific actor
    with the following script call:
    $game_party.persona_equipped_by(actor_id, persona_name)

    Shuffle Time
    Shuffle Time happens after battle and gives the player a chance to
    receive new Persona cards. Shuffle Time happens only if the enemies have
    dropped at least two cards. Of course, you can change this number
    through the options module. There are three types of cards in Shuffle
    Persona cards,
    Blank cards and
    Penalty cards.
    When a Blank card is picked, nothing happens whereas when a Penalty
    card is picked, the player gains no battle rewards! There are also
    two different shuffle methods:
    Rotating card either horizontally, diagonally or a combination
    of both and
    Memory match, where player matches two cards and has at most
    five attempts.
    You can change the maximum number of tries the player has through
    the options module! Also, you can force the next Shuffle Time method
    to be a specific one (among the available) by setting the value of
    the variable with ID 1 to the method you want. For example "Horizontal"
    if you want the next Shuffle Time method to be Horizontal or "Matching"
    if you want it to be the Matching one. Of course, you can change which
    variable you want to specify the method, though the options module.
    Lastly, you can call the shuffle scene with whichever cards you want
    by firstly setting the variable with ID 2 to a script call with a
    list of persona names like this:
    ["name_1", "name_2", ...]
    and then by calling the scene with the following command:
    It is important to remember that you cannot have duplicate personas
    in your party! Additionally, a message box will be displayed if you
    try running Shuffle Time without setting the list of cards to be included!
    You can access the result of the last shuffle time by simply calling
    the following script command:

    Fusion is the system in which two or more personas are combined
    together to create a new persona. You can use the following tag
    bellow on a persona to specify which personas need to be fused to
    create that one:
    <Fusion parents: actor_id1, actor_id2>
    For example, if you use the following tag on Himiko:
    <Fusion parents: 13, 14>
    then when you try fusing Andras with Forneus, the fusion will result
    to... Himiko.
    Additionally, you can specify arcana rank and player level
    requirements to specific fusion children. To apply a minimum
    arcana rank requirement for a specific persona you use the following
    <Arcana rank: rank>
    To apply a minimum player level requirement for a specific persona
    you use the following tag:
    <Player level: level>
    You can also fuse three personas together to create special
    ones too! To specify the parents of a "special" persona you can
    use the following tag:
    <Special fusion: actor_id1, actor_id2, actor_id3>
    Last but not least! To call the persona fusion scene you use the
    following script call:
    For the special fusion scene you use the following script call:

    Persona and user parameters
    Personas can be equiped through the main menu command called
    "Persona". Personas add percentages of their parameters and
    stats to the actor they're equiped on. The default percentage
    is set to 100%, but can be changed through the persona options
    module. You can also change the percentage of the user's parameters
    that are added to the end result. The default percentage is also
    set to 100% and can be changed though the options module too.


    Click on "Download as ZIP" on the top right.

    Terms of use
    Free to use in non commercial or commercial games, credits are required (PM me).
    If you'd like to share or make a reference to the script, always link to this post.

    • Fixed bug where BGM of map would not replay if the shuffle was canceled.

    • Implement the fusion result calculation as it is in the original game, which can become a bit confusing when using it.
    • Implement Arcana effects that can happen after battles.
    • Implement "slot machine" Shuffle Time method.
    • Bug fixes, if there are (there probably are I hope not)
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    This is actually pretty impressive, if we added a "One more" battle system and a calendar it would be possible to create a "Persona Maker"

    Nice job!
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    Looking cool!
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    The calendar and day system can easily be evented and would better off done that way considering how specific days have specific events in the game, and day/time progress only happens after certain things anyway.

    The script is really useful for people wanting to make a Persona game.
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    Can it be used in commercial games?
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    Yes. Only credits are required. Please pm me if you are going to use it though.

    Fixed a bug where bgm of map would not replay if Shuffle was canceled.
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    Man, this is wonderful.
    Do you think you'll add any other features besides the ones in the 'to do' list in the future? If not, it's still a great script.
  8. vFoggy

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    Thank you :)
    I will probably implement them. The Slot Machine, though, is less likely to be implemented as I tried doing so after releasing the script and there were too many bugs with the animations that I couldn't fix.
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    Is there a way to not have Params of the Actor and Persona added together?
  10. vFoggy

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    If you want to keep only the actor's parameters then you can set the persona param multipliers to 0.0s and vice versa.
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    Holy crap this is amazing.

    Is there any chance that you or someone else can port this to MV?

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