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Nov 12, 2018
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I have trouble with the script Pets and Summons by Vlue.

I use a skill with the note tag <SUMMON 5, 10, 0> to summon the Actor with ID 5 with Actor 1. This also works. However, every animation is displayed on Actor 1, even if the summoned Actor 5 applies an item to itself, heals their HP or MP... every animation is played on Actor 1 instead of Actor 5. I use Yanfly Battle Engine Ace.

When I summon with Actor 2, every Animation casted by the summoned Actor is played on Actor 2 instead. So it always "hits" the summoner instead of the summoned, which is weird.

This is obviously a script bug. Unfortunately, this script seems to be no longer be supported.

Can anyone help me fix this bug?

Just to say, I'm using the compatibility version of the pets summon script because of yanfly battle engine ace.

It's this:

Any help? I know, that's a tough one.

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