Jul 11, 2019
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Sorry if my English is a bit lame, but I've been improving later... probably... I think?... A-Anyway, I'm not here to just vent my complexes and fears about my communication issues.

I have a request about Phone Sprites (...Yeah, is in the title, but I guess that you should need the why and why exactly I'm looking for). Do you remember the three phones in the "SF_Inside_B" and the phone in the "SF_Outside_B" tiles? Well, I'm in the need of that four phones, with their screens turned on and off and facing every direction (Well... the 4 directions avaible in the game) and every possible phone you can or want to make. I was trying to make them myself but... Well, let's just say that I suck at Photoshop, GIMP, Windows's Paint, or every program related to the creation/modifications of any type of picture... And I won't say anything about my skills outside of the computer, like taking photos, or drawing. I really don't want to open that can of worms.
It will be a real help if someone can help me to made them, or if someone knows where I can find them or if anyone have them as a sprites.
So, following the resource request form...

Resource Type: Sprite.

Maker Format: MV.

Art Style: MV RTP.

Description: The phones avaible on the "SF_Inside_B" and "SF_Outside_B" tiles, plus any type of phone you want to add, facing every direction, And with their screens (the ones who have one, at least) turning off and on when you interact with them.

Reference Image: n/a

Thanks for reading this! ...If someone actually read it...

P.S: I won't stop of trying to make them myself (But it will take a long time. A long, loooong time), if only but to prove myself that at least I can do it and I'm not that bad at doing this type of work, or because I'm not sure if someone would make them, so if you don't want to do it, it actually doesn't matter, but I will be really grateful. And if someone need them later, I will post them here or... whenever I am supposed to post them.

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