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    Yes, I still use RMXP, mainly for some projects, and I had already converted most of the High Fantasy series of sprites to RPG Maker XP to have all my sprites available for that engine. However, I wanted to ensure that the RMMV sprites looks at least SIMILAR in size and girth to those sprites, so that I could basically have visual equipment in RPG Maker XP games. SO... I created this tiny Photoshop action which sort of does that.

    Basically, any 3 column "Medieval" Spriteset dubbed default or really any of the 384x512 spritesets can be converted in this way. Anyways, I had went through several options and this worked the best for me.

    Here's that link. It's Dropbox. I guess it stands to reason you would need to actually OWN Photoshop AND at least ONE "Medieval" package for RPG Maker MV by PVGames to use this action, and this action is for Photoshop CS6 or higher.

    DOWNLOAD LINK RMMV - RMXP Default.atn?dl=0

    Just download this, and then Load the Action through the Action window of your Photoshop program.
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    Thank you for sharing this Jayray, I hope other folk find it useful, too!

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