May 30, 2015
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Picture Events During Message
By DreamX


This is an extension for Yanfly's Picture Common Events. This extension allows you to click on a picture common event while a message or choice window is active, perform the associated common event, and then return to the event that was being processed before you clicked the picture (if desired).

An example of application is to go into go into another scene like the menu, perform other operations such as saving or equipping your party, and then return to the message you were at before you clicked.

How to Use
Right click the script link and select save link as a .js file.

Place UNDER Yanfly plugins.

* Requires Yanfly Picture Common Events.
* Make sure the parameter "Hide Message" in Yanfly Picture Common Events is
* false.
* You can now click on picture events during a message.
* When you click on a picture event during a message, the game will save the
* last event it was on, and which part it was on.
* You can put a comment in the common event with "DisableLastEventReplace"
* (without quotes and by itself) to prevent the common event from replacing
* last event save with itself if you click the same button again.
* This is useful to prevent the button from erasing what the real last event
* was.
* In the common event the picture is associated with, you can call the
* following plugin commands to return to the last event:
* JumpToLastEventLabel x - x is the label of the last event you would like to
* return to.
* JumpToLastEventIndex - This plugin command returns you to the same part of
* the event before the picture comment event was activated.
* This plugin only affects clicks on a picture event when the message window
* is active.
* If the common event calling that does not change the currently displaying
* message, you can put a comment in the common event with
* "DisableMessageProgress" (without quotes and by itself) to prevent the
* message from reinitializing when you return to the previous event. This may
* also be useful when opening the menu from a common event.
* ============================================================================
* Terms Of Use
* ============================================================================
* Free to use and modify for commercial and noncommercial games, with credit.
* Credit Yanfly for the script this is an extension of (Yanfly Picture Common
* Events)
* ============================================================================
* Credits & Thanks
* ============================================================================
* DreamX
* Yanfly


Credit and Thanks
- DreamX

Thank you to Yanfly for the original plugin that this plugin is an extension of.

Author's Notes/Terms of Use
Free to use and modify for commercial and noncommercial games, with credit. Credit Yanfly for the original plugin.
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