Picture Number Drawing - v1.2 (22/06/2015)

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    I don't think so, sorry!

    - Sample Testing Scene:
    In case you want to test your images for picture drawing, you can use this sample scene I made for exactly that purpose:
    Or not... Seems like the link for that one gone missing in action somewhere, sorry!

    - Sample Picture:
    Well, just a really bad example for 'em numbers to use made by me:
    Feel free to use them, although I am sure that anyone with at least minimal knowledge of PS/GIMP/whatever can make much better ones. :p

    - Author's Notes:
    This script has been written for my (yet) unreleased Map HUD script. Might as well post it, right?

    This script can be used to completely replace all of your text drawing methods with much fancier fonts. That, of course, requires you to make your own font image sheets, but if you ever feel the mood to do it, you could try to draw every text with this script.

    To calculate the text size needed for drawing with this method, you can count the number of numbers/letters your text got, and multiply that by the width of your numbers/letters. You can see how I calculated the text size for the alignment in the script, for example.
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