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Jun 16, 2015
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Hey there, it's been a while since I've been here. I've created a tool for any game developer working with pixel-art assets that's interested in upscaling, free to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes, you're not legally required to give credit or ask permission to use it.

It DOES require Unity but before you ban and lock the topic, it doesn't require any paid version of Unity to use. You simply download the Github zip, and unzip it to your /Assets/ root directory folder (root directory folder name for all Unity projects), add the script to a game object's inspector, add your PNG files into the InputFolder and hit the 'Scale' button.

The reason I made this is that with the upscaling algorithms designed for emulation, it may be considered illegal or immoral (which matters too by twitter mob standards) to use their upscalers for commercial purposes without permission, so I created a method of upscaling that doesn't use Eagle, Sal, xBR, xBRZ or HQx's algorithms. Instead, it connects and cut multiple shapes on a 4x4 snapshot per pixel of the texture in C# (in other words, unlike HQx or xBR, it's not designed to be a shader or optimized for real-time use, but rather run as a tool for textures).

I made sure to license it with the CC0 license, which means that you don't need any permission to use it commercial or non-commercially, and you don't legally have to ask me to use it either.



Here is a 4x scaling run on a character.

2x scaling run on a link to the past sprite sheets.

A random kitten pixel-art work. Looks much better zoomed out.

Default Minecraft textures upscaled.

Since this is an RPG Maker forum, here's an example of upscaling one of hiddenone's sprite sheets:

Here is the same sprite sheet with 4x scaling. It starts to turn the character into a diamond person (because of staircasing). The staircasing I am looking into possible solutions for, just in 2x to fill in a few dots here and there when filling in lines as an optional setting.

How It Works

- You put it in either your Assets/ or your Assets/Standard Assets/ folder
- Attach the Free4GameDevsX2.cs script to a game objects inspector.
- Put your PNG files in the InputFolder. The scaler will convert texture properties automatically so you shouldn't have to.
- In the Free4GameDevsX2 game object inspector, click on the 'Scale' button.
- It processes the textures. Go to the Unity console to see it's progress and see when it completes.


- Batch processes PNG or JPG textures in 2X, 4X or 8X mode
- Keeps your folder hierarchy and names of files when outputting graphics
- 'Thicker lines' feature
- 'Soften' feature (still experimental)
- No restrictive GPL license means you can use it commercially and non-commercially without legally being obligated to give credit
- Open source means you can modify the code so that it works the way you need it to for your project
- New select chroma key color feature will convert your chroma key color to alpha on output

Github link:
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