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Sep 17, 2019
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Play, rate, & review here! --> https://cormorant42.itch.io/pixel-mural-rpg-2k2d

What is Pixel Mural RPG 2k2d?

Easy answer! It's a metroidvania that's 85% exploration, 10% dialogue, and 5% combat, set in an ancient Egyptian mural that has somehow been mysteriously animated. Honestly I don't dwell too much on the macguffin behind that plot point, it just is. Deal with it.

It's also a submission for Mini Jam 61, so if you're viewing this before Friday, August 28th, I'd appreciate a rating ;)

What's the story? It's got "RPG" in the title, so it has to be good, right?

Heh heh...heh...funny thing, I actually had this pretty deep story in mind when I came up with the initial concept. See, the limitation of the jam was "conflicting ideas"...so I decided to go with a classic prisoner's dilemma approach themed around the ethics of tomb raiding. Lara Croft? Schmara Croft. In my idealized version of Pixel Mural RPG 2k2d, you play as an unnamed adventurer who wakes up inside a massive pyramid, having somehow been given the expository knowledge that an ancient treasure lies within the walls. The adventurer then explores all the nooks and crannies of the pyramid, encountering other treasure hunters along the way -- and suddenly they have a choice. Does the adventurer lie about their own intentions? Do they tell the truth? Do they threaten or coerce the other person, or do they agree to team up to get the treasure for themselves? Are drastic actions like murder on the table? The answers to all of these questions lie in the hands of you, the player, who takes on the role of the unnamed adventurer.

Or, at least, that's how it goes in my head.

In reality, you wander around a fairly small map with some (like, one) confusing passages and stumble upon a couple hidden rooms with tiny treasure chests. Along the way you run into the same enemy AI over and over who, despite having an RNG hooked up to his dialogue, ends up saying the sAmE tHiNg OVER AND OVER until you just KILL HIM and ALL HIS FRIENDS out of frustration and then feel bad because there's no real reason to kill anyone wait what this was supposed to be a synopsis of the game?

Synopsis: find three treasures and talk to green boi. It's easy two of them are in the same room.

Okay, well what about gameplay? Does the gameplay make up for the lack of story?

...if you aren't expecting a masterpiece like BotW or Ghost of Tsushima, then, yes. I'd like to think it does. The player handling is pretty tight, the maps are entertaining enough to explore (though they are pretty small, to be fair), and the music creates a kinda spooky/ominous atmosphere.

As for what the gameplay actually consists of, well, take a guess. It's a metroidvania. You can expect sidescroller platform action with no combat and somewhat tedious conversations.

You're doing a great job of selling this game. Does it have any redeeming qualities?

YES. I LOVE THE ART (I LOVE ALL ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ART TBH). It's probably a little narcissistic since I did all the art myself but since I was basically just pixel-ifying ancient frescos and murals I think I'm allowed to gush over the originals, at least. If you're a fan of pixel art, 16-color palettes, and ancient Egyptian metroidvanias, then this is the game for you. I'm honestly thinking about expanding this tileset and doing a serious project with it, I love it so much.


Is that everything? I guess the mods will let me know if I missed anything

Thanks, & cya later

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