Oct 17, 2017
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first off I'd like to say that this is not your typical rpg maker game lol. I am making a plane crash survival game on RPG Maker MV.


STORYLINE (so far)

You get to name and create your own character. the game starts out in Alaska and you board a small plane traveling from Anchorage, Alaska to go to Minneapolis. The plane crashes in the snow covered mountains with only about 6-8 survivors. you are put in charge and selected as the 'group leader'. There are limited supplies from the crash and you must do what you can to build fires, create meals and whatever else you can to keep the group alive as long as possible. You can have the other survivors help you on your journey or give them other duties to attend to. Or ignore them for the most part and adventure out alone. Its up to you to keep as many of the survivors alive as possible, but you don't have to. Each character is different and will respond to storyline events differently. It is important to get to know each survivor and make sure they have enough energy and health and not too depressed. Cheering up the fellow survivors is critical to successful survival. I know this sounds tedious but I don't think it will be.

Alaskan predators lurk nearby. They stalk your campsite looking for an easy meal. The combat is intended to be very quick and brutal. enemies hit extremely hard. I am trying to make this game as realistic as possible via rpg maker. This game will feature real life Alaskan predatory animals such as grizzly bears, polar bears, wolves and more. so please keep that in mind if you want to help with the game.

The goal of the game is to get rescued. Either by yourself or by contacting for help. you can work on repairing the radio, finding the flare gun, hiking your way out, etc. the game is sort of open world but not overly expansive.

its like an adventure game, survival game with some open world and a little horror mixed in. Kind of like a playable episode of "I shouldn't be alive". does that sound interesting to you? Sweet! send me a message!

Characters (at the moment)

- "You, The Player" The player gets to create a character in beginning of game. You can create yourself as a character. You get to exist alongside the rest of the survivors.

- "Vincent", 40 star trek Spock-like character. was flying for a business meeting. he is a banker, financial guy. exceptionally intelligent. has glasses and can see very far distances, comes in handy for adventuring with him. can lack emotion from time to time but is overall good hearted. medium strength and energy.

- "Afren", 35 African-american character. kind of like Morgan from the Walking Dead. was flying to go home for his father's funeral. teaches football. has incredible strength and energy. whenever life knocks him down he just gets up stronger than before

- "Lilly" 14 year old female. was flying with her stepmother, who is also on the flight. she absolutely hates violence and blood. she will freak out. she loves Alaska, its where she was born and where her dad lives. She knows a lot about the plants and animals. and loves to go hiking. her deep knowledge of the Alaskan wilderness may prove to be useful.

- "Gabriel" 33 year old hispanic. Like a Gabriel Iglesias comedian type of guy. wickedly funny character. comic relief character. Very overweight and will have some difficulty adventuring in the beginning. But if you level him up enough he will begin to lose weight and may prove to be rather strong. He was flying to go back home with his bestfriend, Armando, who is also on the flight.

- "Walter" 76 year old white man. Kind of like a Ron Paul type of character. Was flying home with his wife, Matilda, who is also onboard the flight. Walter is a war veteran. Nothing in life gets him down. He has seen it all. Life is too short to be sad. Always in a good mood despite everything. Even though he is elderly, he is more than willing to do just about anything to help the group. limited by only his strength and energy. He is especially vulnerable to the cold weather.

- "Michelle" 39 Lilly's stepmom. also onboard the flight. Severely wounded. unable to walk or move. Needs a lot of medical supplies. (Still working on this character, feel free to come up with a story for her if you want to try to help.)

**this is what I have for the characters so far, its a working progress. but so far I am pretty locked in on these characters at this time. that said, if you are good at storytelling and want to help I certainly welcome it! if you want to help with story or characters, please just message me directly. I welcome all feedback regarding the project as long as it is constructive.


I have the characters back stories already mostly set. But am willing to change it if you have good ideas. I would like to make this game voice acted but we'll see how that goes. I already have the airport announcement voice done so there will be at least a little voice acting, even if its just narration. If the voice acting sounds well in-game I have no problem doing all the voice work myself. But again willing to change my mind if you have a good idea.

The game will feature;
- a rather complex fishing mini game, (already built don't worry)
- possibly a farming system. (already built just not sure whether it makes sense for the story)
- combat against wildlife
- weapon crafting, using plane parts and natural resources
- food crafting, making food to eat, to gain energy, that energy used for combat
- hopefully a hunting mini game, -- needs to be built
- base building -- may not be in game. very complex. unless you know how to do it

there may be a day and night cycle with a 24hr clock, not 100% sure about that yet.

The game is meant to be hard and difficult but not unforgiving.

--- What My Job Is ---

1.) Making sure the game gets made. managing the team.
2.) All the artwork. Yes I am willing to do all the artwork and all the animations myself. If you want to help me with art please send me a sample of your work and I will see.
3.) overall game design
4.) Making sure the story and plot make sense
5.) Publishing the game

--- What I Am Looking For ---

(please only volunteer if you are interested in making this type of game, a plane crash survival game. if that does not appeal to you then please do not message. I am looking for dedicated team members only. I want to move fast on this project and I don't want to be slowed down)

1. I need, people familiar with leveling systems, battle systems and/or plugins. If you can do javascript and tweak mods even better!

2. Mappers. Can you make awesome maps? not just okay maps. but really incredible looking maps. and I need these maps to run well, they can't be lagged down. I need someone who wants to create snow and mountain maps. This is Alaska afterall, it needs to look stunning! I will probably need the inside of a cave too.

3. Photoshoppers are welcome. I am willing to do all the art myself. But if you are a good artist I can most likely use help with creating something. especially portraits and sprites. Just send me a message if you would like to help with graphics.

4.) Story people. I have the story pretty well thought out already but I may need someone to bounce some ideas off to. Basically just a second opinion on how the story is going and general feedback.

5.) Anyone that can make a fun hunting mini-game. or create a base building system.



The graphics right now are just place holders for the actual graphics later. I am just placing crude graphics to setup the game and do the layout design. Once the mechanics are done and the core systems are implemented I will then go back and make custom graphics as needed. Such as custom plane interior/exterior. But for right now Im just using placeholder graphics so please don't judge the graphics yet.


***Please only message me if this game sounds interesting to you. I only want dedicated team members. I have a schedule for this game and do not want any delays or unnecessary dragging or excuses. I will not let this project go cold and I will push you as hard as I push myself on this game***

So if you are ready to help make the coolest Alaskan adventure survival game ever, then please send me a message! Thank you!

My discord is; Chrisguy


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