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Apr 20, 2019
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Hey game maker,

I hope you doing well, one of the main RPG maker mv features including the 'Party' system where you can add more Actor to your team and give them skills/items and more, same as the Primary Actor.

In this post, I bring you all the tools/plugins I found so far the can give you, even more, features/functions to the Party system and your Primary Actor as well (however it does not include 'Battle plugins' unless it will change something in the actual 'Gameplay').

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- Primary Actor (player) -

SRD_CharacterCreatorEX [
This plugin adds an in-game character generator. It allows players to create a character by selecting various pieces from various categories and they can be assigned to certain Actors to be used as Face Images, Walking Characters, Dead Characters, and Side-View Battlers.

SRD_Character Choices
Allow the player to select a character from a list of available characters. You can set an image file that contains Characters and the index of the Character you wish to use within that file.

PH_SwapPartyPlugin [Github] [Direct]
This plugin allows you to swap the leader of the party by pressing a key in your keyboard.

YEP_X_Actor Party Switch
This plugin grants players the ability to switch party members on an individual basis and not just in the middle of a battle.

Requires: YEP_PartySystem and YEP_BattleEngineCore

MrTS_Party Manager [Direct]
This plugin allows the player to change their party and see which members are available to change into. It also allows setting a specific party member amount or specific party members to be used.

Event Option: Switch Primary Actor using Events (Not plugin)
Just to give you another option, It is another way to switch Primary Actor using 'Events' instead of a plugin, if you wish to do it that way, check the
following post for more info.

- Party Actors -


HIME_Party Manager [Direct]

This plugin provides functionality for working with additional parties.

1. You can create new parties. Separate parties can be used to represent different characters in your game. Each character may have their own set of followers and inventories as the story progresses.

2. You can switch between parties. If your story switches from one character to another and you would like to keep their location, characters, inventories, and other party-related information, you can simply switch to a new party instead. You could even switch between parties in real-time on the same map to build additional mechanics related to multiple-party control.

3. You can merge parties. By merging parties, you can have different parties come together as one large party. All of the members, inventories, and other information will be merged together, and more.

Hime_Party Switching Scene [Site] [Direct]
This plugin allows you to create more parties where you can put more Actors, you can trade actors between parties, and more.

Add on plugins: HIME_Party Manager

HIME_Instance Actors [Direct]
This plugin gives you the option of creating completely new actors during the game!
For example, you could create a mechanic where you capture enemies during battle, which are converted to actors before they are added to the party. These actors did not exist when you first created your project, nor do they exist in other save files.

HIME_Guest Followers [Site] [Direct]
This plugin allows you to add actors as “guests”, which would simply allow them to show up as non-party followers, and whenever you want you can set it up that's they will stop be Actors.

For Example: Let say you save them from the dark cave and helping them get out, so when you finally got out you can set it up that they will stop being Actors

YEP_Party System
This plugin replaces the "Formation" command found in the in-game menu with
a new scene where the player can adjust the party he or she wants in a more
comfortable way.

Moogle_X_CustomPartyLeader [Direct]
By default, the first party member is always the front character at the party. Now, you can decide a specific actor to always show up on the map as a party leader even if that actor is not in the party.

GALV_QuickArrangeParty [Direct] [Demo]
Press a button on the map to bring up a list of up to 10 party members. Pressing the numbers associated with each actor allows you to change the formation quickly without pausing the game.

*** And as always, let me know if is any other plugin/tools you think I missed, I will check AS SOON AS I CAN and add it to the list.

Happy Game Making,

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Nov 27, 2021
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