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Jan 21, 2015
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So, I have an idea for a boss fight that I think would be a cool little addition to the fight. Attention to detail, if you will. The boss fight is basically with a rock band, and what I wanted to do was make it so that, say you defeat the drummer, then the drums in the song—which by the way is a nifty SNES remix I made of one of my favorite songs—stop playing. Knock out the guitarist, guitar stops playing, etc. I figure to do this I'd have to export each track soloed out, so a separate file for just the drums, just the guitar, just the bass, etc. How I picture this could work is to have each track play simultaneously during the fight to sound like one song. Would it be possible to do this? Would it potentially put any strain on the game? Is there any risk of the tracks getting out of sync with one another? Or is there a much easier way to do this? I've considered other methods, but I'm not certain if RPG Maker supports them. One being the method DS Games use for music, which is basically using a midi file intagent with a soundbank containing proper instruments. But again, I don't know if RPG Maker even supports use of MIDI files. Thus why I'm proposing the use of multiple WAV or OGG files at once.

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