Playtest icon changed after installing 2 SumRndmDde Plugins


Dec 7, 2014
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Hello there, this is my first time ever posting on this forum, so I apologize if I've put this in the wrong board.

I recently downloaded SumRndmDde's Title Command Customizer MV plugin (
Upon trying to run it, told me I needed to install the Game Upgrade MV Plugin ( ).
Which I did! The plugins worked fine after that, but then I noticed that when I playtested the game, the icon that usually comes up changed.

Upon clicking the little nwjs up there it opened this screen:

I tried looking up whatever this NW.JS is, and found things like it was related to testing games on browsers or protecting your game's source code. I ended up uninstalling the plugins and deleting them out of the folders. I thought it'd make the icon go back to normal and get rid of...whatever this is? But it didn't...

Is this something I should be worried about? I don't plan on really making games to be played on a browser or care about hiding my source code since I just do this as a hobby, but it's bugging me it's different now? Is there anyway I can get rid of it and revert rpgmaker mv to how it used to be? (without system restoring my computer?)


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