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Discussion in 'Javascript/Plugin Support' started by Random Panda, Dec 4, 2018.

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  1. Random Panda

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    Hi forum, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out. I am using Moghunter's Battle Cursor Plugin ( and it worked fine but it seems to have some kind of conflict with Yanfly's selection control found here:

    What happens is that when you select an enemy it works fine, but when you select one of the actors the battle cursor copies itself stays on the actor until the end of battle. You can still select other targets but once it is over an actor there is a permanent cursor on the actor.

    I know plugin compatibility for a Plugins made by two different people can be tricky, but I can do a bit of coding and have tried to sort it out myself but I have had little luck. I was hoping someone here with more skill in coding can help fix this or at least just point me in a direction of what would need to be adjusted in either plugin.

    Any help and advice is always greatly appreciated.

    A demo file is available here:

    Image of what is going on:

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  2. Roult

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    Hello @Random Panda,
    Did you fix the problem?
    I have the same

  3. Kes

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    Roult, please refrain from necro-posting in a thread. Necro-posting is posting in a thread that has not had posting activity in over 30 days. You can review our forum rules here. Thank you.

    It is unlikely that your problem is absolutely identical with that of the OP (even having one plugin somewhere that's different could make all the difference) so please don't hijack a thread. Instead, make your own thread, giving details of the plugins you are using (people often include just a screen shot of their plugin manager for that) and any other info that you think might be relevant.

    [/mod]Closing this. If the OP wants it reopened, please Report this post and leave the reason why.[/mod]
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