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Jul 9, 2016
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I present here my first plugin ever made!


I will first acknowledge my inspiration, Orange. His time plugins did inspire me both to make this and also in the coding so credit goes to him there.


The purpose of this plugin is to give a clock, timer, date and control things related to it. Orange's plugins do it to some degree but I felt it was unsatisfactory. Not because they are bad but because they are rigid. They assumed our manner of counting time but if any of you are like me and like doing world building, why would your world (or mine) divide up time in a manner similar to ourselves? They wouldn't so I wanted a plugin that was flexible to be able to have our time system, the mayan time system, or anyone concievable! So I made this and the rest was added ontop as just things to do with it.


  • Adaptable time system and units. You can set up any number of time units you want in any relation you want. Like in the mayan Tzolk'in, you can have days turn 2 different units above it, and create their 260 cycle.
  • The units can have names relative to one another, just as our days have name relative to the unit week but not relative to the month. Making it possible to have like Mayas a name for the day in form of 1 Imix'.
  • Unit Names and such can be used in dialogues
  • The rate at which time passes can be adjusted, both in a flat manner by the map itself, by command or by using regions.
  • Events on the map can be triggered by timed events and cyclicly so.
  • Selfswitches can be changed at times!
  • Variables can carry the value of the units.
  • Day and night cycle with tinting.
  • Quasi-movement compatible!

To come:

  • Common event trigger
  • Maybe sinusoidal transition between times of the day based on the settings.
  • Add conditionals for time


  • v 1.1: Found a bug that I corrected that made it useless.
  • v 1.2: Added selfswitch control!
  • v 1.3: Works with the new update!

If there are any bugs report them here!

Download is here. The help in the plugin describes how to use everything! Installing is as with any plugin.

This plugin is free to use in any commercial and non-commercial projects, all I ask for is proper credits. However a free copy of your game is appriciated but not neccisery.
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Feb 12, 2019
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Very good but there is some commando so that inside the houses you can see day and night see you at night

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