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Discussion in 'JS Plugin Requests' started by Pyrathas, Jan 11, 2019.

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    So I think I found my crafting plugin with Yanfly's Item Synthesis. It says it requires a recipe for players to craft items. But it doesn't say how to separate lists or craft things outside the inventory screen.

    What I mean is I have 5 types of crafting wmost with recipes but not necessarily an inventory item:

    Requires resources but not necessarily recipes:

    Base building- ( I am thinking Tile set changer by Shaz, but player still has to craft it in order for the Tileset changer can call the map and could use quest system for players to track.)

    Blacksmiths (Armor and weapons ) Needs recipes also unlocks a menu/ sub menu option).

    Alchemy (potions runes and poison, only one that might be crafted in menu as well recipes are in spellbook after being found).

    Artificer (Magic Artifacts think enchanting but different unlocks the spell in battle system and spell book)

    Necroficer (Craft NPCs and undead spell counters spells unlocked in spell book and bestiary)

    Now what I want to do is isolate them (Think Skyrim). For example

    blacksmiths use anvils
    Alchemy is in a lab,
    and two different altars for the different magic crafting types Artificer and Necroficer.
    And base building is at player desk.

    Is there a way to do this or a better Plugin? Also how can I craft say an event to appear? Like player crafts a zombie, and on the map or a separate map a zombie appears like a villager NPC. And until the player crafts it, hes invisible. Is there a good way to call this and add a count to the undead count similar to mp? Undead spells costs mp and undead in game so I want to figure out the crafting first before I tweak the spell mechanics which may require a plugin as well.

    The whole reason for this is trying to create the most interactive and immersive experience in my Game.

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