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    I've been working on a simple ABS plugin for RPG Maker MV and so far it's coming along nicely. The plugin is setup as a suite of scripts. I call it simple, but it's really coming a long ways already in just the few days time I've spent on it. It supports custom spritesheets for animating the actor attacks on map. You can use any spritesheet so long as it has four rows and X number of frames. I haven't decided how to interpret the frames yet, might be able to mathematically infer it from the data. I was going to create a set of plugin commands but this project is going to be so huge that I decided instead to write all the codes in separate files and have a single user editable script for defining battle flow, victory conditions, animations etc. The code will read as closely to English as I can make it.


    The EventEnemies script adds the $gameEnemies object to hold registered event enemies for the current map. Enemy events are registered with a comment tag 'Game_Enemy id' or 'Game_Actor id'. You can omit the id if you have the same event name as the enemy. Other uses for this script could be to create damageable walls, or traps that damage the player. You just have to create a pseudo enemy in the database for those types.


    EventDamage is responsible for the damage popups. It's highly configurable from the script settings. I will eventually expose the settings as plugin parameters but for now it's all in the script. It utilizes the games own damage popup system so you can reuse the damage spritesheet or get new ones. You can change the scaling, tint, offset etc.


    EventAttack is responsible for player motion and weapon animation. Currently it only works for motion spritesheets that have the weapon included. I will work on support for separate weapon sheets but I might need the help of an artist to create sample sheets for testing. I've copied portions of code from Game_Actor into Game_Character for motion checking and Sprite_Actor -> Sprite_Character for rendering. It checks the motionType as well so you can have separate sheets for each weapon type. It should support sheets with _swing, _thrust, _missile etc. You just add the extension after the actor name to the separate sheets. It will detect what weapon is being used and load the correct sheet.


    This script is the controller for the ABS system. It has one plugin command "ABS battle". Just put that into an enemy event with the appropriate triggers and you can have map battles. If the main actor dies it will automatically shift the next actor in the party into the leader position and continue fighting.

    I still need to add support for custom skills, aoe, projectiles, health/mana overlay, actor hud, hotkey overlay. I have most of this in an older version of ABS but I just need to update the formatting and port it into the new ABS system.

    Playable Demo Released!

    I'm working on a demo project to showcase all of my plugins.

    Rather then explain how it works here is a playable demo!

    Playable Demo

    GitHub repository includes GIL_Core, GIL_Setup, GIL_Fourway, GIL_Bridge, GIL_BridgePuzzle and GIL_Minecart!

    GitHub Repository

    Included in Demo


    Extends the JS language with a few methods including Array.prototype.shuffle(), Array.prototype.unique(), Array.prototype.exclude(), Number.prototype.between() and more. Extends the game with $gameMap.eventsName().


    • Fullscreen
    • Skip Title
    • No Title BGM Fade
    • Hide Cursor
    • Disable Cursor
    • Mute Volume
    • Change Title Font
    • Change Option Window Command Codes (for stylizing window)
    • Add Custom Fonts (requires script editing)


    See official release below.


    Rotating bridges. Requires GIL_Fourway.


    A challenging rotating bridge puzzle. Push the buttons in the correct order to make the bridges line up, but be careful not to reset them. Requires GIL_Bridge.


    See official release below.

    Released Plugins

    This was my first plugin. It allows the user to implement a minecart vehicle with automated forward motion and player steering.

    Version 1.02 released!

    My most heavily developed plugin. Working with @BucketsOfRP on a new version.

    This plugin relies on Yanfly's ATB system. It allows the player to bind skills to buttons for instant cast during battle.

    Version 1.10 now available on GitHub. New playable demo and zip project.

    Give events a passage 4-dir setting that overrides the underlying tile. Useful for creating secret passages. Can be changed in game to create dynamic passages. Includes player shadowing and waterfall effects. Patches TYR_FollowerControl.js to support independent follower settings.

    Add a common event to weapons and armor that runs on-equip or on-remove. Want to make a cursed ring? Sprint shoes? Teleportation wand? This script will make it easy to do.

    Status effect add, remove and expiry common events. Use expiry events to create progressive states.

    Unreleased Plugins

    Keep track of complex counting tasks. Need to update.


    Treasure Talk! Includes a list of verbs to use when finding treasure to make the text more dynamic than just "You found gold". Now it will randomly replace 'found' with one of a few dozen different words meaning the same thing. Makes use of GIL_Weighted_List.


    Adds a Weighted_List object and related methods. Now on GitHub!

    Requested Plugins

    Map Fog

    Creates a fog effect that is removed as the player explores the map. Can also be used for static maps.

    Named Weapons

    To implement named weapons I had to have modifiable items. I created a separate store for every modified item/skill/weapon/armor that is automatically loaded when the game is loaded. This allows for items to have changing properties in game such as a weapon that grows in power as the player grows in power etc. Yanfly has something similar but it didn't support the name property which is why I had to develop a separate system.

    Terms of use and Credits

    Free to use in any project.

    Credit me as Gilgamar if you use this!
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    The Links from event damage and event attack are down :o
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    any video of your ABS?
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    the demo is down

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