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    I've had two ideas bouncing around in my head, and I feel like talking about tem will help me prioritize which one to work on first/at all based on general interest .(Both of these names are placeholders and don't actually fit their concepts. Also if I posted this in the wrong thread, sorry!)
    If you can please tell me you opinion on both, I would apprciate it! Right now, both of their stories are underveloped.
    Also, any tips to help diffrentiate them from their inspirations (AKA not being called a Poké-Clone for monster collecting).
    Finally, please ask for more info if you need it! I only listed essentials. Monster collection games tend to rely more on enjoyable battles rather then the deepest story ever, so just avoid plot questions (world building is fine though!).

    Monsters: Robots who can talk and are equal members of society to you. They cannot evolve, and are generally only 3 feet tall, cute, and cannot overcome their human partners (who wear suits to fight with them).
    Battleing: They come in Blast types (like Pokémon types) that beat eachother in this order: Fusion,Fisson,Explosion,Gas,Laser,Burst. Their is an extra type called support. They cannot learn moves outside their Blast Type, but can use weapons to use a diffrent blast. Battles are 4:4, and people wear powersuits (like IronMan) to fight. People are often weaker but can use diffrent blast types.
    Capture: Commission a Robot to be built, or you can convince certain Robos to join you.
    Monsters: Animals/Mythical creatures with fun twist on them. They all evovle twice (Stg1,Stg2,Stg3) by obtaining Magic Orbs. Once they evovle/transform, they revert to level 1 to relearn all thier moves. They also can learn newer moves and have increased stats.
    Battling: People do not battle with their Monsters, but do tale care of them well (pet like). 4:4 monsters.
    Capture: You feed the Monster food, which triggers a quick time even after battle to rope it in. Some of the harder beast are avaliable for sale by breeders (harder ones to efffope in)

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