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Apr 25, 2017
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Funny thing... I bought the Vexed Enigma addon pack on steam, and those tilesets were a big part of that set...
I am not mad or anything (Edit: I knew this before I bought it, bought it anyway for the bikers), but I did want to point it out.

I do have a request, specially for you. I would really really want a high school / university set. I got all your other bundles (I think...) but only a high school set is what I fee like is really missing. Specially since the forest slasher bundle did include college kids.

Do you already have a high school set (and did I miss it somehow?) or maybe, would you feel like releasing one soon? If your answer to either of those is yes, I am happy to see a link. :)

Anyhow, love your work, it is the only DLC (next to the season pass) I ever bought, and probably ever will.
(btw, looks awesome with 3D plugins too, the balloon icon is mine, the rest is done with your set.)
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