Pop up an infinity of characters with a precise action

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by Poupouille, Jan 4, 2018.

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    Hello everyone and Happy New Year!:)

    I would like to make a character appear to infinity. To be concret, a infinity of rabbits coming out of the first hole to enter the second hole. So many rabbits that the player will not be able to pass because they will form a sort of an impassable barrier:


    But I don't know how to manage that.
    At first, I made several rabbits in parallel event, but my computer blew a lot and overheated, so I don't think this is the best solution. :(

    Someone can help me?:beard
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    I see your post and will try to help. I will tell you if I figure it out.

    EDIT: Okay. I know how to do it with ONE rabbit but not any more than that, and it will not block the player. Also the rabbits will not jump into hole, but rather disappear right in front of it. Here is how:
    Give the event movement speed of normal, Frequency of highest, and movement type of custom. Now put this in the move box:
    =>Move Right
    Do that as many squares as you want your rabbit to move.
    =>Transparent ON
    =>Speed: 6
    =>Frequency: 5
    =>Move left
    The number of move lefts should be equal to the number of move rights at the top.
    =>Transparent OFF
    =>Frequency: 5
    =>Speed: 4
    Now you just have to put a well/portal/whatever right behind your rabbit, as well as the space right after the moving ends.
    Sorry that I could not help with it all.
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    The best thing you can do is set the path to impassable and handle rabbit jumping through Animation.
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    Count squares between first and second hole
    Create an event.
    Open Event.

    Set Image to rabbit.
    checkmark Through
    Under Autonomous Movement, Type: Custom
    Speed: 3: Normal
    Freq: 5: Highest
    click Route...
    Jump, X: 1.
    Move Right the number of spaces between the hole, minus 1.
    Jump, X: 1.
    Transparent ON
    Speed : 6
    Move Left the number of spaces between the hole, +2
    Speed : 3
    Transparent OFF

    Copy the event, paste to the right. Open Event. Click Route...
    Cut the first item at the top of the list, paste to the bottom.

    Repeat until Transparent ON is at the top for the final event.

    Create a blank event, Priority > Same as Player. Cut Event.

    In each square between the holes paste event.
    In top left create an event, Trigger > Autorun.

    In Contents, use Set Event Location.
    Event should be first rabbit on the left.
    Place it to the right of the left hole.

    Set Event Location again
    Event should be the next rabbit.
    Place it to the right one more.

    Repeat for all rabbits.

    Erase Event at the end.

    Worked for me, should work for you.
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    That was halfway correct.
    You need to make several events, one for each rabbit, but keep them on action button and have a single parallel process event control their movement (by remote targeting set move routes, dropdown list top left of that command)

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