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Nov 18, 2016
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Portal Hunters

Assume the role of an inter-dimensional contract killer, aka portal hunter, in this dungeon crawling, bullet-hell, action packed adventure!

Synopsis & Game Features:
Your mission is to travel to an assigned dimension to complete contract kills for the King Lich. Upon completing a number of contract kills for the given dimension, you will be given the opportunity to face off against the Lord of the dimension.

Defeat the Lord and destroy the dimension!


Game Features:

+Dimension Hunting:

The current game state features one playable dimension. A single dimension contains four zones, which includes four stages per zone. At the end of each zone you will confront the zone boss! You must complete two zones (chosen at random) before receiving the dimension's prestigious contract, where you will face off against the Lord of the dimension. At this time there are four zone bosses, one optional boss, and one prestigious boss.

+Weapons and Upgrades:

Portal Hunters currently offers 35 different guns to choose from on your quest for greatness. Obtain these guns through unlocking chests, bartering with vendors, or vaporizing bosses! All of your guns can be upgraded by adding weapon attachments. Increase your fire rate, reload speed, maximum ammo, and maximum durability to create your perfect loadout!

+Items and Consumables:

Discover items that will instantly restore your health, repair your weapons on the fly, and even make yourself invulnerable to all damage for a short time! These items really come in handy when a boss starts shooting at you from every angle and you have nowhere to hide!

+Roguelite Mechanics:

Randomly generated maps, loot, and enemies provide a different experience every playthrough. Upon additional content release, no two runs will feel the same! Also, Portal Hunters uses the traditional perma-death and "no save" system. A true arcade experience!

+Difficult Bosses:

Don't let the 2D graphics and cute colors fool you - Portal Hunting is no joke! Be prepared to have your reaction times tested and your fine motor skills exhausted! Your knowledge of bullet patterns and enemy mechanics will be the only thing that saves you here.


Planned Features:

+More Dimensions:

Now that all of the core gameplay mechanics are functional, dimensions will take priority for release updates. Expect new content to be released that will include more minions, more bosses, and more prestigious contracts!

+More Everything:

More items, more consumables, more weapons, more NPCs, more secrets, more music, more screen shakes, more bullets - more everything!

+Weapon Skills:

Each weapon should feel unique when playing Portal Hunters, and the goal is to add "activated abilities" that can be earned for each weapon type. This is an example of future content that will be added to the game as it evolves!

+Better Optimization:

Gameplay needs to be tight when it comes to top-down shooters and bullet-hell games. Lagging is not acceptable and invisible hitboxes are not fun. I will do my best to address any issues that are discovered when playing Portal Hunters to make for a more skill-based and enjoyable gaming experience.

+ Overhauled UI:

Multiple UI elements are in the works: Inventory screens, item database menu, gun management system, etc.

+Community Driven Development and UX Research:

Portal Hunters is meant to be a community driven game. The programming and design choices are heavily influenced by the playerbase and the user-experience research that is conducted using playtesting sessions.


Developer Note:

My name is Connor Rogers and I am the sole creator of Portal Hunters. All of my work is devoted to making a game that players will enjoy playing and feel comfortable while doing so. My game design is research driven and feedback oriented, so the community really influences my programming and design decisions. Due to the fact that I am the only individual keeping up with the programming, design, and publishing of Portal Hunters, I do not have a current release date for the game. With that in mind, updates will be frequent and bug fixes will be addressed immediately! Game design is my passion and I want to show the community what I can do! Thank you for checking out my game, and I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is always welcome!

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