Portrait request (DLC Character art into VX or MV style)

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    Resource Type: Facesets (and portraits if generous)


    Maker Format: (MV)


    Art Style: (VX/ace art style.)


    Description:  So I recently bought the cover art character pack DLC (thank you 50% off sale)and love the new the characters combine that with Vibrato's SV battler's my game looks really nice, the  only problem is that the art style is so so different compare to MV's and VX art style that it looks out of place and clash with the others. I'm trying to see if some one can adapt 5 of the  cover art dlc character's (Aldo, Nina, Hayatemaru, and Dilara and Chimg) into either MV's or VX ace art style? 


    Reference Images: 

    Cover art style


    VX/ace art style


    MV art style

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