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Sep 3, 2018
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Post World: Revenge

A mixture of RPG and Tactical set in a Post Apocolyptic cityscape.
Partially due to the nature of Post-Apoc settings, this game is not intended for younger audiences. Violence, smoking, drinking, and cursing will be part of the gameplay. References to sexual activity and horrific events will also be present. However, nudity nor sexual activity will be displayed.
Player discretion is advised.

  • Post World: Revenge is a post apocalyptic themed RPG, set in a small area.
  • Battles are turn based, in fairly standard RPG Maker format. I suspect total gameplay won't exceed 5.
  • The player only gets to play as 1 actor; Lukas White. Although he may develop friendships with other people, they won't join you in battle. This is mostly because they don't know how to fight, or maybe they're simply scared to? In a world where gangs are robbing you and random people shoot first and ask questions later... Maybe it's better to hide away.
  • The player has access to different firearms, each needing a different ammunition type. These firearms are also translated to human and mechanical enemies as well. Ammo, reloading, and firing your guns are handled similar to magic in other games. Bullets are a separate variable, and are needed to actually fire your weapons.
  • The player still has access to free melee attacks, but these attacks do have the downside of being easily countered because everyone (including you) can naturally counterattack. Additionally, using melee attacks does expose you to enemy ranged attacks, both gunfire and explosives.
  • The player also has access to Adrenaline. Adrenaline functions like TP, however is used for general skills like Take Cover (improves the odds that ranged attacks miss) or equipment specific abilities like Haymaker, given to you by wearing Brass Knuckles. Adrenaline naturally increases over battle, but also increases from the action itself.
  • Unfortunately, things that are old and worn can break and this is represented by firearms and some repeat use items having a chance to break. Abusing a firearm increases the odds it will break, in which case it will need to be repaired. The player can fix it themselves or they can pay a mechanic to fix it for them. Repeat use items just become scrap after they break. Fortunately this scrap can often be used to repair your weapons, or sold.
  • Lukas has some pretty simple stats, and they all are useful for combat in some way or another:
    Hit Points: If they reach 0, Lukas dies and you get a game over screen (unless you were supposed to die).
    Ammo: Your current firearm's ammo as well as how much ammo you have in your ammo case (not floating around in your pack!). This allows you to use Firearm skills.
    Adrenaline: How many Adrenaline Points you have built up (to a max of 100), allowing you to use Adrenaline skills.
    Strength: Your natural strength plus your melee weapon. This affects melee/throwing damage dealt, as well as Intimidation checks.
    Endurance: Your natural defense. This is your first line of defense against most attacks, the other being whatever % reduction your equipment gives.
    Intelligence: Your knowledge, perception, and ingenuity. This is primarily useful out of combat, since it lets you repair and make new goods. You can't repair a shotgun if you don't know how to take it apart! It's also used in a few combat instances, when being smart plays a bigger factor than being strong or fast.
    Charisma: Your likableness. Again, this is used out of combat far more often than during, since it affects dialogue heavily. It is useful for Intimidation checks, Bribery checks, and cigarette usage however.
    Agility: Your speed and fluidity of movement. A higher agility means you'll go earlier in battles (enhanced further by firearm usage because the nature of ranged weaponry vs melee weaponry), as well as affected some Adrenaline skills like Hand Load.
    Luck: Your overall, self perceived, luckiness. This affects break chances for everything that can break, as well as whatever else the RPG Maker assigns luck for.
  • Your gear is also very important, and should also be addressed:
    Firearm: Firearms include one handed and two handed variants, although this primarily affects tech, not melee weapons.
    Melee: Whatever melee weapon you could scrounge up will beat using your bare fists. Again, two handed weapons affect tech.
    Body: Armor can include a hoodie or power armor, but it reduces a percentage of damage received, be it physical, fire, or laser based.
    Hat: Similar to Body, but having smaller blocks. However, it can protect you from Headshots (Critical Hits).
    Tech: Tech includes handheld self defense items, but also includes robotic arm attachments. You'll get to see those about midway into the game. You can't balance 2 handed weapons along with tech, so you much choose which is more important, attack output or versatility.
  • The last primary system of the game is weapon modding, which are simply items that grant a state if you happen to have the correct firearm equipped. Whether its a Burstfire Receiver for your Pistol, an Ammunition Drum for your Submachine Gun, or a High Powered Scope for your Hunting Rifle, you'll want these little guys. They'll grant strong bonuses, as long as your weapon stays equipped. Fortunately, they only have a chance at breaking, so they can be reused.

Please note that I'm still in the process of making the assets so things aren't finalized yet. :)

Also, all assets were created by me and are not allowed to be reused yet.

Title Screen
I still need to add in the title of the game.

Local Map

These definitely aren't done. I still have to make icons for Melee Weapons, Bullets, Ammo Cases, and Skills. Along with anything else I may have forgotten.

  • Lukas White: The MC. He's a vagrant, coming from a different city. His family is dead, so now he just wants to find a reason to live. While roaming, he gets jumped by the Rowdy Boyz, a local gang.
  • Johnny Heat: He's the leader of a gang who call themselves the Lawmakers. After that gang defeats the Rowdy Boyz, he tries to kill Lukas. His character is less important to Lukas, because Lukas's overall goal is to kill him one way or another.
  • Kate Suttin: She's a mechanic who sets Lukas up with a robotic arm after his human one was burned off. Her main reason? To find out what happened to her daughter who was taken by the Lawmakers as "protection" compensation. But, if Lukas happens to disrupt the Lawmakers to the point of them disbanding or better, then even better.
  • Packrat: He's a smuggler who will sell you gear he's stolen or found. Fairly untrustworthy, but it's a harsh world.


  • Lukas wakes up to getting beaten down by the Rowdy Boyz, apparently a local gang. After its apparent that he can take a beating, they let him join the gang... or make him into a personal slave.
    Lukas gets the fun job of collecting water from nearby dairy plant. He is being watched by another gang member though.
    After coming back to base, it's time to go raiding! Your gang wants to raid the small group of people living on the corner of 117th Street and Lorain Road.
    Once you get there, you meet another gang, this one is clearly better armed since they've got things like laserguns and bulletproof vests. They easily kill everyone from the Rowdy Boyz, except Lukas.
    Lukas gains enough conciousness to see a dude in Power Armor fire him lasergun at Lukas's arm. As Lukas screams in pain, the other gang leaves, figuring that everyone is either dead or will be dead soon (in the case of Lukas).
    After the coast is clear, Lukas decides to go after that guy. And kill him.
    Eventually though, Lukas just passes out. He does find himself conscious later, meeting Kate Suttin. She explains to him about what happened, why she helped him, and that he's got a robotic arm now. She also tells Lukas where to find Johnny Heat, the leader of the Lawmakers.
    From here, the gameplay opens up to more of an open world one, and plot largely stops as the player pretty much only has the job of going to the police station to actually kill Johnny.

  • The game is set in a small part of Cleveland, Ohio in the post apocalyptic future. I'm not sure what the apocalypse came from yet, but nuclear war is a likely contender.
  • Death lasers and photon grenades are thing, unlike like current life. These, along with normal military equipment, primarily came from the military.
  • Much of the game's routes will be on the streets. Plenty of buildings have been reduced to rubble, but enough are still around to provide shelter to humans, machinery that's still whirring, and mutated animals.

  • This is my first game that I hope to publish, and as a result I do not have a time frame for completion.
  • Game development is only a hobby for me, and certainly not a full time job. My full time jobs include working in a chrome plating plant and caring for my family. :)
  • I've played with RPG Maker 2 on the Playstation 2, as well as RPG Maker XP for Windows. As a result I have some practice with eventing already, however scripting is still foreign to me.
  • As graphics will all be handmade by me, this game will be going commercial eventually. It will likely go on steam for a small sum.
  • Thus far all credits belong to me (empresskiova/flameslayer93) and Deciga.
  • Graphics for this game may not be redistributed or reused at this time.

None yet!

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