Pre-Emptive Battle Events

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    Ever wanted more control over whether your party will get a pre-emptive strike when a battle begins, or a surprise attack from the enemy?

    This plugin provides you with a way to guarantee a pre-emptive or surprise by setting some variables.

    he variables determine how many battles the corresponding effect will occur. For example, if your pre-emptive variable had a value of 3, that means for
    the next 3 battles, you will have pre-emptive strike.

    During each battle, the variables will automatically be decreased by 1, so you don't need to worry about updating them yourself.

    By managing these variables in your events or skills, you can create forced pre-emptive strikes or surprise attacks, which leads to different mechanics
    and storyline tools for your game.
    More information and downloads available at HimeWorks
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    Great Let's try that!! If you want to upgrade it to detect Which side an Actor go into an event Battle let me know! ;)  

    The power of CODE is so awesome :D  

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