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    Blake_Ezra's RPG Maker Resources - Sprites, Tiles, Portrait Edits

    Feel free to use in your VX/Ace game with credit. No Commercial Use.

    (Please only use XP materials if you own XP)

    RPG MAker ReStaff Release #17, ReStaff Release #18 , ReStaff Release #23, Christmas Release


    Star Wars - Twi'lek


    Lycan/Werewolf [​IMG]





    Egyptian God Horace




    Character Set: Baron Guard [​IMG]

    Character Set: Community Character - Ver. 1[​IMG]

    Character Set: Community Character - Ver. 2 [​IMG]

    Character Set: Ector [​IMG]

    Character Set: Grappler - Ver. 1 [​IMG]

    Character Set: Grappler - Ver. 2 [​IMG]

    Character Set: Guy [​IMG]

    Character Set: Ifrit [​IMG]

    Character Set: Jubei [​IMG]

    Character Set: Kain [​IMG]

    Character Set: Kain Old [​IMG]

    Character Set: Ky [​IMG]

    Character Set: Collared Modern Suit [​IMG]

    Character Set: Golbez [​IMG]

    Character Set: Boobs [​IMG]

    Character Sprite Template - RPG Maker DS


    Tileset: Blaze_Ezra Custom Tree [​IMG]

    Tileset: Big XP Trees (VX recolor) [​IMG]

    Tileset: XP Trees (VX recolor) [​IMG]

    Tileset: Seasonal VX Trees & Shrubs [​IMG]

    Tileset: Seasonal VX Trees (Clumping) [​IMG]

    Tileset: Crater [​IMG]

    RTP Portrait Edits: No more bunny ears + boobs!

    Actor3-8, Actor3-4, People3-8




    Character Set: Dark Knight Cecil MISSING

    Character Set: Young Guts MISSING
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    one of my favorite rpg maker artists pretty much inspired me to think I can pixelate anything after seeing his work :)

    Big Love :rock-left:   B)   :rock-right:
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