RMMV Press start screen with different title image?


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May 30, 2016
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@Mooshry , it's what @ATT_Turan said, using event parts, you can make it
ffully to your liking, but aside for that for a moment. This is what it does shortwise:

1) MV Default Title Scene:
Places a OWN background found in titles1/title2 (frame) not sure why only Title1 though
you can place music, and command will be there (this is far the basic one)

2) Evented MAP titlescreen.
this can be cutscene before command window (normal choices or picture)
(you can see my "evented main menu" which can be used for this as well.
scriptcalls are required like "SceneManager.push(Scene_Load)" to load
a saved file (only downside here is you cannot select one if all are empty)

but the possibilities are pretty much endless

while there are some nice plugins, you can set it up the way you want.
Own background, different command menu, effect, etc.

Here are some (outside mine), but sound isn't added in my plugin YET and
not sure if I have it because I use a nice one :) suitable and awesome.
also because of some features it has and modified it for another feature.

plugins with title scenes
1) MOG_CustomeTitleScene can have some nice animation, there are others as well
2) SRD_TitlePictureChoice is a nice one, but require 1 or 2 other plugins in order
to work, but you can make very unique buttons this way and effect to it.
like scale down, slide, fade etc.
3) TSR_Title (former TSR_Quit) can have press start, have nice command
menu effect like, fade, pianoeffect, you can even have a command cursor.
this one is my favorite and also using it.

while mine is VERY basic if I have it, it doesn't have any custom sound BEFORE
the actual title screen, probably the same, else I need to dive for the sound
in order to add it.

but it's really up to you though.
oh, thanks!

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