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Aug 14, 2017
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Plugin Name:PreviouslyOnStory.js
Summary:This plugin implement the synopsis function.


(Updated 2017/09/30)

I'm not good at English.
But I want to communicate with all of you and I want to publish the plugin.
If you have any problems, feel free to ask me !



image_20170827_112009.png image_20170827_112016.png image_20170827_112024.png WS000048.JPG WS000049.JPG

* -> When saving data is loaded, it will shift to the synopsis scene.
* -> Synopsis can be registered from the plugin command.
* -> Synopsis also can be registered from 'ShowText of EventCommand'.(v1.0.1)
* -> Background and BGM settings can register from plugin commands.
* -> You can execute the registered common event when saving data is loaded.
* -> You can scroll background images and set particle image.
* -> You can play voice data.(v1.1.1)
* -> This plugin can operate with cursor keys and mouse.
* -> This plugin also can operate with decision key and cancel key.
* -> The saved synopsis can be read again with the LookingBack scene.(v1.1.0)

----how to use----
* You can use this plugin after setting some plugin parameters.
* All images are load from "img\tsumio" folder.
* Be sure to prepare necessary images in "img\tsumio" folder.

* All voice data are loaded from "audio\se\voice" folder.
* Be sure to prepare necessary voice data in "audio\se\voice" folder.

* If minus is specified for the background image and particle speed, scroll backward.

----plugin command----
* All plugin commands start with "POS".
* Plugin commands are distinguish uppercase and lowercase.
* And separate each word with a space.
* Please make sure.

* Line breaks are possible with "\n" or a new "writeLine".
* When using "\n", please make sure to insert a space between before and after.

* "POS writeLine AddtionalString" : Add a string to the synopsis. It is also possible to use some control characters.
* "POS newPage" : Add a new page to the synopsis. Subsequent writeLines are done for the new page.
* "POS setMainBackground BackgroundName" : Set the image of the main background.
* "POS setSubBackground BackgroundName" : Set the image of the sub background.
* "POS setParticle ParticleName" : Set the image of the particle.
* "POS setBgm FileName Volume Pitch" : Set up BGM.
* "POS setPicture FileName XPosition YPosition Opacity" : Set up a picture.
* "POS setAlign Align" : Set up the align of the strings."left" or "center" can be specified.
* "POS reserveCommonEvent EventNumber" : Set the common event number to be executed after transitioning the map scene.
* "POS setVoice VoiceFileName" : Set the voice playing the current page.
* "POS clearAll" : Clear all settings in plugin command.
* "POS clearTextAndPage" : Clear text and page settings.
* "POS clearAllBackground" : Clear main background and sub background settings.
* "POS clearParticle" : Clear particle settings.
* "POS clearBgm" : Clear bgm settings.
* "POS clearPicture" : Clear a picture settings.
* "POS clearCommonEvent" : Clear common event settings.
* "POS saveSynopsis FileName" : Save current synopsis data as FileName.If you don't set FileName, the index is given automatically.
* "POS loadSynopsis FileName" : Load the saved synopsis data.
* "POS getDataLength" : The number of saved synopsis data is output to the console screen (for debugging).
* "POS initialize" : Delete all synopsis data.

----about saving synopsis file----
* Files saved by "POS saveSynopsis FileName" command can be read with "POS loadSynopsis FileName".
* If you don't set FileName, the index is given automatically.
* And, if a file with the same name already exists, it will be overwritten.

----if an error occurs after plugin update----
* If an error occurs after plugin update、please execute "POS initialize" from the plugin command.
* All synopsis data will be deleted, but errors may not occur.

----how to execute writeLine from 'ShowText of EventCommand'----
* V1.0.1 or later, we can execute writeLine from 'ShowText of EventCommand'.
* In the same way as showing text, launch the event command and enter "<POS>" anywhere on each line.

* For example:
<POS>This is test message.
Te\I[1]st<POS>test test。
Position of tag POS is OK anywhere.<POS>

----about looking back scene----
* LookingBack scene dose not mean normal synopsis scene.These are different things.
* Please note this point first.

* It is possible to read the synopsis saved (command "POS saveSynopsis FileName") in the replay scene again.
* The LookingBack scene can be displayed from the menu scene.
* The background and particles of this LookingBack scene are applied to the current background and particle.
* When you read the synopsis scene from LookingBack scene, the saved background and particles will be played back.
* And, the function of the LookingBack scene can be turned off.

* The title applied to the LookingBack scene is the saved name of the synopsis.

* 1.1.1 2017/09/30 Add GitHub address.
* 1.1.1 2017/09/02 Add the voice system.
* 1.1.0 2017/08/26 Add the looking back scene sytem and fix some bugs.
* 1.0.2 2017/08/25 Add the Saving and Loading system.
* 1.0.1 2017/08/24 Fix some bugs and expand 'writeLine'.
* 1.0.0 2017/08/23 Release

I shall not be responsible for any loss, damages and troubles from using this plugin.

--Terms of Use(MIT License)--
* This plugin is free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
* You may edit the source code to suit your needs,
* so long as you don't claim the source code belongs to you.
* Anyway,this software is released under the MIT License.
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