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Sep 8, 2015
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Welcome RPG fans I'm gonna keep this short and to the point, this game is developing and I would like feedback, suggestions, or just to have people play it. The name of this game is Primal, You will play through three stories and upon completing all of them you will unlock the final story. The description of the game as of now is as followed, The world pillar has been destroyed and the gods have reverted to their primal forms the hero's must fight the gods to obtain a pure substance of the gods respected element to restore the world pillar and prevent chaos from taking over. This game will contain side view and front view battles, side view character models, game affecting choices, and more yet to be determined features. Through out the plot you will experience betrayal, plot twist, humorous NPCs, and seeing the development of your party as each member joins at different points in the play through.

The Characters used in Primal have either been received through bonuses from early purchase of the program, default, or created by me using the Rpg maker mv character creator with a combination of paint or gimp.

Music used in Primal doesn't belong to me, however some music made by me may be added in the future.

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