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Jan 26, 2017
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Description of the Feature:
Have the version number print to the console upon opening the game, similar to how the PIXI version number is currently printed to console. (This is similar to Andar's suggestion for the editor, but slightly different because that this affects the game/playtest instead.)

Code for Implementation:
Add a function to SceneManager.initialize or Scene_Boot? (I'm not exactly an expert, so I'll leave the details up to them!)


Why is this feature good?
  • People looking for troubleshooting advice on the forums often printscreen their console to show errors. It would streamline the troubleshooting in those cases if MV would print the version number to the console.
  • A developer can quickly verify the version number of any game, even a deployed one, without digging into the core scripts.
Possible issues with this feature?
You either have to print all the rpg_*.js version numbers, or run the risk of only one file running the stated version. This seems like a pretty remote likelihood given how the projects are updated, though, and one I've never run into when troubleshooting.

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