Problem with States, DOTS, and BattleCoreEngine


Mar 8, 2019
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So there was never anything wrong with the plugin? Just a case of the community ruining it for everyone? That kind of makes me angry to think about.

As far as the ATB goes, I prefer the wait style ATB anyways. That way I can make an animation as long or as short as I want without disrupting the flow of battle. If animations are too long, it'll be the same as having a slow effect on yourself. This way, it's all about the agi.

Edit: Sorry I totally missed your question. The unleash plugin adds a GoldenSun-like chance to trigger a spell or effect when using a normal attack. It can also be used to outright change your Attack option to something else, similar to..... let me think. Like when you have the Dragon Boots in FF6 and it changes "fight" to "jump".

I'm using it at the moment to cause different shields to have different effects on your guard option, making it a viable option
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