Problems with the interaction of SRD_GameUpgrade and SRD_Super_Tools_Engine


Feb 1, 2017
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First, to quote myself from a similarly titled thread:

While this thread is open I figure I may as well piggy back on it. I'm not having a game stopping error, persay but... Well I posted this in the srd character creator thread:

So... Got a unique problem with the character creator plug-in. Well, more specifically super engine tools and game upgrade. Everything more or less works fine, but when I playtest I'm unable to close the playtest window with anything but the task manager. This only happens when both the game upgrade and super tools engine are online. If only one or the other is on, things are fine. But if both are on, I can't even alt-f4 out of the game window. No errors, just can't close the playtest window. This is independent of the character creation plug-in itself, but since it needs super tools and dynamic actors needs game upgrade I figured I'd post this here.

I've tried doing this in a blank project with no other plug-ins and it still comes up as an issue. Not sure what to do it about it.

And since then I had the sense to open the console to see if anything is written to it when I try to close the game and low and behold the following error pops up:

Error in event handler for nw.Window.onClose: TypeError: GameWindowManager.onWindowClose is not a function
at NWWindow.MakerManager.onWindowClose (chrome extension://odlameecjipmbmbejkplpemijjgpljce/js/plugins/SRD_SuperToolsEngine.js:587:20)

And it pops up every time I try to exit. Have to use task manager to stop the process.

Edit: also another not-so-stopping thing that pops up: Game says it can't find icon.png when it's still in the proper folder. This error doesn't pop up without gameupgrade or superengine tools on. Didn't notice that before because it didn't actually cause the game to break.
Since I made the above post I've found a few more details.

There's an additional issue: When I deploy a game with both(having just one works fine) these plug-ins on and try to launch I immediate get the following game-breaking error:
TypeError Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined

I did the deployment as a test, there are no other plug-ins active. Oddly enough the deployment can be closed unlike the playtest.

I got a bit more details on the root of the problem. The console points to the following code within the SRD_Super_Tools_Engine plug-in when I get the error when I try to exit the game:
if(Imported["SumRndmDde Game Upgrade"]) {

MakerManager.onWindowClose = function() {

_.GameWindowManager_closeGame = GameWindowManager.closeGame;
GameWindowManager.closeGame = function() {
    if(_.isPlaytest && MakerManager.window) {;
    } else {
        _.GameWindowManager_closeGame.apply(this, arguments);

} else {

MakerManager.onWindowClose = function() {;


MakerManager.closeTheWindows = function() {
    if(MakerManager.window) {
        if(window.confirm('Are you sure you wish to close the game while Editor Window is active? Your changes will not be saved.')) {
    } else {
I'm fairly bad at coding, but I did try seeing what deleting that code would do. All that did was make the program not recognize the Super tools plug-in any longer and operate as if just game upgrade was on(Which technically gets rid of the problem but also makes me unable to use the plug-ins that I want to). And, again, this is from the link in the error code in the quote.

Logically the error points to a part of the plug-in that is only active when both gameupgrade and super tools are present.

The "cannot find icon" error only occurs when both GameUpgrade and Super tools are online, like the closing error, if one or the other is not on then this error does not occur.

To be clear, I have the plug-in order right(SRD game upgrade and then super tools). The playtest functionality of the editor works fine minus the inability to quit. The actual functions of the plug-ins work as well. The deployments not working at all, though, is a bigger issue...

I'd appreciate any help on this issue that anyone can offer.

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