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Jan 6, 2019
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Prolog: A Demon (Named: Vasaalis) was sent with two allies(Makki and Gordon) to a little village which is part of the mighty ''Sacred Empire'' to obtain a relic from the church of that respective village. However something will go wrong in which the Demon(Vasaalis) ends up with amnesia - losing his memories and powers.

Chapter 1: This chapter will play around a ''Forest Village''. A lot of Tutorial based stuff will happen here such as combat training, professions and how to play this game in general and what you can do and expect from it. However there will be a few interesting side stories happening here, so it isn't as boring as it might sounds.

Inbetween of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2: You will be able to leave the ''Forest Village'' and you are going meet a female character who will join your party. She will be the second and only playable character next to main character.
She will join you on the way to the Sacred Empire.

Chapter 2: This chapter will include all the traveling, side adventure, side stories, battles and side things on the way to Sacred Empire (Some towns / cities or villages might be discovered on the way, new profession recipes and more to learn).

Chapter 3: Will play around Sacred Empire. You will explore the huge capital city, might want to do all of the side quests and main quests around this area until you are finally able to meet the ''Leader'' of Sacred Empire.

Chapter 4: Now this is where the player will be sent into different dungeons to defeat the Demon Lords ruling over the respective dungeon. The dungeons will be full of traps, minions (Enemies), puzzles and perhaps side quests.
There will be dungeons located underwater, in a desert, around snowy / icey mountains and more. (I was considering 5 - 8 different biomes / dungeons).

Chapter 5: This chapter will be the last one if you decide to pick a certain ending. There will be two endings and the second ending will add a whole 6. chapter I am personally very hyped about and I got planned through until the very last detail already.

The plan is, to heavily focus on the Storyline. Everything will be centered around the Story.
However, there will be a lot of interesting side storylines as well. I am adding side activities such as: Fishing, Mining, Lumbering, Farming, Crafting. The mechanics are done already as well as functioning in the first Chapter which is approximately done by 60 - 70%. What's not done is: Herbalism/Alchemy as well as Housing and the Pet system. There will be a few more things later on as well to have fun and kill some time with but are too uncertain to name them yet.

The game is going to use a Quest-System. There will be the Story Quest(s), Main Quests, Side Quests and Tutorial Quests.
I try to add a lot of interesting Quests, but there will also be casual quests such as ''Gather this'' or ''Kill X Amount of...''

The combat system is done with Alpha ABS and I am trying hardly to balance it and make it as much fun as possible.
I have plenty of great ideas for boss battles as well but at the moment (Since I am only finishing chapter 1), the battles are rather easy and don't require much attention. That doesn't mean it's boring. I am having a lot of fun already!

There is a dynamic Day & Night cycle implemented at the moment and this will also affect Shop opening and closing times.
I am considering to implement dynamic weather as well.
Also since there are ''Seasons'' in the game, it would be nice to see some snow or rain around the seasons. However, this isn't certain yet, because it would double the work and require me to change the map tiles to snow and redo every map. Since I am heavily using and depending on RPG Maker MV and custom tiles by popular / known people as well as some of my own edits, it would obviously not be too much of a hassle, but still double the work and therefore most likely not happening.
(Perhaps in the housing map).

Another thing which is a lot of fun to me are minigames and puzzles I prototyped already. A little sneak peek will be under the Screenshot section. I am showing the rather simple ones to not spoil as much. It should be quite easy to understand what to do on them when seeing the maps.

Puzzle Games from the first small side story instance:


And a random Forest part which isn't that important - therefore no problem to show. I am not that great at mapping, but
I strictly want to stick to simple rpg maker mv style instead of customizing everything too hardly / heavily. (Like parallax mapping)

A Demo will be added when I completed Chapter 1 which should not take too much longer. But the Demo will probably not include the entire chapter 1. I am not sure yet!
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