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Jan 7, 2020
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Warning: This game may include Fictitious Religions and some Sexual Themes.

Engine: RPG Maker MV

TRADE: You may have noticed that this thread shows TRADE instead of FREE. The reason for this is because, if you are willing to work on my project, I am willing to work on yours. If you work on my project, and request I work on yours, I will be able to bring great writing, character design/development, parallax/non-parallax mapping, and story/backstory development to you. I can also create and administrate/moderate a Discord server for you as well. The ins and outs of this can be discussed upon joining!

Project Ebonlight tells the story of a young princess who is thrust into queen-ship by way of tragedy. Trained for leadership from a very young age, she has grown into a woman who is usually very cordial and understanding, but in the face of difficulties, even she can’t help but break character. Scrutinized by Lord Berenguar, the leader of the eastern forest kingdom, she is pressured by the towns and allies behind him. As crowned Queen, she must protect her Territory from the incoming threats, known or unknown…

Told from multiple perspectives, the story revolves around Queen Pollina and her Xoranian Kingdom. You will play the game as 2 characters, who can utilize a group of diverse companions to strategically complete missions and puzzles. Among these companions and characters, each has skills and abilities that are unique to themselves, so that no character feels the same, and so that the player must strategically decide which companions will assist them through each area. Each area will consist of some optional puzzles that can only be completed with the help of a particular companion. Between these areas, some will be repeatable, and some will not.

This game will utilize art, and in-game set pieces to convey the current story, while hinting to a deep backstory. The game-play will utilize puzzles, and a mixture of charge time and cool-down attack systems in battle. While not having an action based system, I believe that the infusion of these two systems will work well together. Anyways, if you’ve read this far, you must be at least a little bit interested in what I have going on.

You are free to work on any other projects that you choose, however, we request that you be dedicated to this project while you are working with us. Dedication can include helping to meet tentative deadlines, or regularly updating us about your part, through our Discord. Things like that really help to keep a project on track, and also keeps everyone fairly interested in the project as we move further.

Something that we have thought about since seeking to create a post like this, really has to do with people joining the project, just to bail at any point. I just wanted to clarify that you are free to leave at any point, although we do request that you give us a heads up that you will be leaving. This is only because progress can be hindered when expecting something (update/information/etc) that was never actually on its way.

I just wanted to clarify that this is a serious project, and anything (positive/negative) can change the outcome of our progress. We just ask that if you find interest in our game and decide to join us on this journey, please be mindful of this.

With this game being as large as it is, it really doesn't have as much progress in its dialogue than you would expect. If understood as a percentage, it is at a 20%-25% to completion. The story has been laid down, and each stage of the game has a beginning and end, but how the player reaches that end is still open for interpretation.

Most of the initial character art for playable characters has been drawn. These initial art pieces are in their "basic" character skin. I do at some point look to have multiple skins per character. As for other art, there are pieces drawn by different artists, and some fan art, which is pretty cool.

Level Mapping:
Project Ebonlight was started in RMVXA, however, when restarted in RMMV, no progress was ported over. The physical overworld map has been created (outside of MV), and parallax maps of Xorania are in progress, but that is all I can really sayabout the map design. There are a lot of forests, caves, and towns that need creation.

This has been messed with quite a bit. Many of the character skills, and items that the player will come into contact with have been added. The character classes and types have been added too. There is a lot of work to do here to make every hero balanced, and to make the game look pretty. The plugins have also been accessed here as well, utilizing a lot of the Yanfly plugins, as well as Himeworks, SRD, and Hudell plugins, to name a few.

I have a lot of music coming from the Dark Fantasy Studio for the game, and also Hyrix will be doing some sound design. Aside from that, there is a large opening for movement in this department.

If you choose to join the project as a Writer, you will be tasked with (at least) starting either Stage 2, Stage 3, or Stage 4. This is where you will have dictated beginnings and ends, however, how the player gets to those ends will be up to you and your writing. We will regularly discuss progress and story direction.

Plugin Programmers:
If you choose to join the project as a Plugin Programmer, you will be tasked with finding new plugins, or utilizing the list I have available to implement new mechanics to the game.

If you choose to join the project as a Databaser, you will be tasked with maintaining the database and figuring out the formulas necessary for skills and items used within the game. You will more likely need to come into contact with the Plugin Programmers to have plugins added, or for information.

Artists (Facesets, Busts, Character Designs):
If you choose to join the project as an Artist, please clarify which of the 3 you are choosing to join as. The options are faceset artist, bust artist, and character design artist. You will be tasked with drawing the type of art that you requested.

Map/Level Designers
If you choose to join the project as a Map/Level Designer, you will be tasked with building maps, such as forests/plains/etc within MV, and attempting to make them as unique as possible without parallaxing.

Map Parallaxers
If you choose to join the project as a Map Parallaxer, you will be tasked with creating parallax maps for towns, kingdoms, etc. This will include overlays, underlays, shadows, and lighting images to go over the maps themselves.

If you choose to join the project as a Composer, you'll be tasked with composing beautiful music to accompany the player on their travels.

Other Roles
If there is a role here that you think you could fill, and that I need, please let me know.

For information about any of these roles, please feel free to reply to this thread, or you may even send me a PM. If all works out between that, I will link you to the Discord server, and we can continue progress there!

Game Designer
Character Designer
Level Designer

image0 (3)-min.png
image0 (2)-min.png
image0 (1)-min.jpg

Q: How long will this game be?
A: Assuming all of the story is written at length, and we have many different mechanics, maybe 20+ hours.

Q: Is there a deadline for release?
A: Preferably, I would want to do a early to mid 2021 release of the entire game, but come November 2020, I want to have a demo completed. If it's completed before Nov 2020, we will release the demo earlier.

Q: Is there a demo that I can try out?
A: Not yet, but I would like to have one available soon.

Q: How can I contact you if interested?
A: You can reply to this thread below, or you can send me a private message (PM).

Q: The role I want isn't up there; what can I do?
A: When you send your interest response, just tell me what it is that you would like to do, and we will figure it out from there.

Q: What can I get if I assist your project?
A: Since this is a SKILL TRADE thread, I will offer my creative design, writing, world developing, or map building and parallax skills to your next, or current project.

Thank you for checking out my project. Feel free to reply below, or you can send me a PM. I respond fairly quickly, so you won't be waiting for a response for too long. Thanks for your time! :D


Jun 25, 2013
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I could probably do a skill or two for you, if you've liked any of the stuff I've had to show you so far.


Joy Bringer
Mar 28, 2019
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I'd love to be a writer and/or a character designer for your project!


Jan 13, 2019
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Great project idea and very impressive from what I see so far! I would like to contribute in writing and/or voice & sound effects if such is needed.


Anonymous Musician
Dec 27, 2019
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Glad to be on the team

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